Red & Black Rants & Raves: 9/24

It’s not just locally that fans and pundits alike are taking note of the sordid state of U of L football.

Here’s the designation Stewart Mandel at bestowed on the Cardinal head coach:

This week’s coach on the hot seat

Louisville’s Bobby Petrino. Things are quickly deteriorating for Louisville. After a 27-3 drubbing at Virginia, the 2-2 Cardinals are tied for 123rd nationally in scoring offense (17.0 ppg). Petrino was already facing questions before the season about a staff that includes his son, two sons-in-law and retread Brian VanGorder as his latest defensive coordinator. The inept start isn’t helping.


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Wasn’t Petrino once considered “the next offensive savant”?

Correct answer: Yes. But that seems long ago, far away these dark days.

Well his Cards have scored, count ’em, three offensive points — 3 — in the first half this season. Those came in the waning moments against WKU. They went ofer the opening half against Bama and UVa. And scored on Rodjay Burns pick — on blown coverage it turns out — against Indiana State.

Ouch x 2.

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Thanks to KCCards, one of the regulars who weighs in at, for doing my research for me. Saved me the time to look these numbers up.

Louisville football’s national rankings:

125th in yards per game.
124th in points per game.
105th in first downs.
126th in 3rd down conversions.
94th in penalty yards.

The hits just a keep on comin’.

 * * * * *

At least there was more good news over the weekend for Cardinal hoops.

First the Yin: Motowner guard and all name prospect Rocket Watts committed to play for Tom Izzo at Michigan State.

Those with a Detroit connection — like me, I was born there — were hoping he’d come on board for the Cardinals. Like Willie Solomon, Brandon Jenkins and Jaylen Johnson before him.

The Yang: Trinity guard David Johnson recommitted to U of L.

We love those homies, don’t we?

Now if Chris Mack, who would appear to be on a major recruiting roll, can close the deal on the big un, the Card fans over at the Ancient Order of the Hibernians will be raising their mugs in celebration.

 * * * * *

Speaking of all names, how about distaff Cardinal soccer ace Brooklyn Rivers?

She tallied in the closing seconds Sunday against ‘Cuse to give the nationally ranked Cards another victory, pushing their glossy record to 9-1 (3-0). Next up is a visit to Chapel Hill for a battle with the #5 Tar Heels.

— Seedy K


3 thoughts on “Red & Black Rants & Raves: 9/24

  1. Well, I certainly understand the frustration with Petrino et al. If you subract Lamar Jackson from the mix I’m not sure we would have been much more that mediocre the past several years. And I am not sure why we either can’t recruit ‘real” running backs, or people to block for them. I’m afraid it’s going to be a crummy year for Cards fans. Unfortunately being a Trinity alum and fan, it’s not looking great on that front either. Both of these teams have given me lots of enjoyment in the past it might just be a year to forget.

  2. Don’t give up on the Cards or Rocks yet, Carl. Big game Friday with X who I believe can hang in for a half then it’s on to smackdown time with Eastern, Seneca (that game should be cancelled as the clock will be running after the first quarter) and Ballard. Just beat Male in the playoffs and it’s State Championship time again !

  3. Bobby has a national reputation for being difficult to work for, which is why he has to hire his family. And though I have no proof, I believe football recruiting has suffered because of the basketball scandals. The Louisville brand is damaged. I don’t think Bobby will ever be able to turn it around. But with a $13 million buyout, we are stuck with him for a while. Maybe they shouldn”t tear down old Cardinal Stadium just yet. A team this bad should play there.

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