Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week IX

Yes, the kid’s back on his feed.

Can I get an amen, brother?

Such as he can be, consuming bland institutional vittles with way way more calories than taste or food value. But, hey, who’s complaining? Cheese and potatoes and oink are hard to pass up no matter how uninspired.

I got three correct last week, in games with some legitimate questions as to the outcome. Coach Khaki indicated he may have turned the corner in Ann Arbor. Stay tuned, Election Central says it’s too early to call. And the Quack got gamedayed at Wash State. Mike Leach didn’t even have to leave a fake play sheet hanging around.

Nebraska won its first as I said the Huskers would. Houston proved the triple option can be handled with a reasonably talented staff and talent. And UK prevailed against the Dores.

3-2 for the weekend. 22-18 for the campaign.

Brimming with all the confidence a mid season correction can foster, this week’s winners:

Florida vs. Georgia (Jacksonville). Cocktail attire required for an SEC East encounter that is actually going to be a compelling watch. The two are knotted up atop the division with those upstart Wildcats from Lexington, the very same contingent that upended FLA for the first time since Daniel Boone took the wrong exit on the Cumberland Parkway, and ended up at Lake Okeepookoopee, battling alligators who thought his coonskin cap a delicacy. The Bulldogs meanwhile stumbled last time out before they could put in their drink order at the World’s Largest Cocktail Party. UGA is not the first to fail on a Saturday in the Swamp. None of Georgia’s Ws has been especially noteworthy. Nor are their national statistical standings anything that holler return to Final Four. Same for the Gators. But Mullen’s guys do have a couple of notable victories. LSU and at Cowbell State. Third & Grantham’s D is oft maligned, but it will be the difference at this season’s WLCP.

Wisconsin @ Northwestern. The Badgers get extra credit because it was actually snowing at Camp Randall last Saturday, the way Grantland Rice meant for college football to be. Points are deducted for Ls to BYU and the Wolverines. Why? Because some supposed expert included the Cheese Staters in is preseason CFP lineup. And he — me — is pissed they’re underperforming, and that he made such a nonsensical choice. As for the Purples, that three point escape at Rutgers is a head scratcher, a result seriously not to be proud of. But there’s something eminently resilient about Fitzgerald’s footballers. They rarely don’t come to play. Upset Special: Party time in Evanston. Beach Blanket Bingo on the shores of balmy Lake Michigan.

Texas Tech @ Iowa State. OK, so Matt Campbell is no longer the Flavor of the Month, having been replaced in dairy cases across pigskin landscape by that dude in NE Indiana. Broom? Breem? What’s his name? Well, what Campbell’s got going for him is his birthplace. Massillion, Ohio. Which, when I was a yout, was the epicenter of HS football. He can obviously coach ’em up. As he did at Toledo. And as he’s doing with the Cyclones in Ames. Oh yeah, there’s the Dancing Dinos at halftime. Too damn cool. Plus those two consecutive Ws at Okie State and over the heralded Mountaineers. Meanwhile, Tech, as always, can hurl the pigskin. 3d in the land. And it scores. A lot. But I just think a school in the Heartland that goes outré at the half has some mojo flow goin’. Which is not to mention the school’s renowned writer’s program. Which I’m now reminded is in Iowa City, not Ames, but I’m still going with the ‘Clones.

Kentucky @ Missouri. This is why some Cats’ fans remain wary of Mark Stoops, despite his steady upward success in Lex. He’s kinda sorta thrown his QB Terry Wilson under the bus, even though the kid has signal called UK to its best campaign in eons, and a boffo national ranking. Love what you’re doin’, kid, now go prove it or else. Which may be why Kentucky opened as a dog against a decidedly mediocre Mizzou squad. Three straight league Ls before crushing Memphis State last time. Stoops way too often on the sidelines has a deer in the headlights look. If, of course, a deer could wave his arms while shouting coaching gibberish. Still, in Benny and Josh and their pals I believe. Team leadership goes a long way. In a game that will once and for all reveal the Cats are legit, they win.

Wake Forest @ Louisville. Wilkommen to the “rivalry” that has the chinstrap universe less than enthralled. University of Uninspired vs. Unexceptional State in, let’s call it the Playsheet Bowl. Sponsored by Sleepytime Tea. Plenty o’ tickets available at Floyd Street’s Greatest Football Facility. As for the game, yawn. See your personal physician for antidotes. Yeah, but I’m in. Cause I’m a fan. I hope my fellow faithful show up. The Cards need the support. Actually they need a lot more than vocal backing, but I’ve not been given enough space to address all that needs attention. The only Demon Deacon player with which I have any familiarity is my old pal Johnny, a short slow dude who fit in at tight end back in the 60s. At this juncture, this appears Louisville’s best chance for a W the rest of the way. It shall come.

— Seedy K

4 thoughts on “Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week IX

  1. i’ll take Jaw Jaw, even up for whatever you want…Go Tigers too…and how can you pick the Cards? The natrural healing meds must have kicked in…

  2. Isn’t the excellent writer’s program in Iowa City and not Ames? The cyclones try to create pros not prose

  3. The Wake Forest radio guy could have given the Demon Deacons’ play book to the incompetent Louisville coaching staff in July and it wouldn’t have aided them at all. That Wake Forest running back that Petrino stiffed out of a a scholly a few years ago, Matt Colburn, will get his payback with a 150 yard game.

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