Louisville CardFile: Clemson

It doesn’t really matter.

No comparisons are necessary or germane.

But, for the record, U of L’s deplorable and disgusting nonperformance against Clemson Saturday noon was not the worst defeat in program history.

If my research is correct, that would be a 0-105 home loss to Murray State during the 0-9  reign of C.V. “Red” Money in 1932.

Money was one and done coaching the Cards. After that ofer campaign he was gone.

So too should be Bobby Petrino, along with his egregiously ineffectual family affair of assistants.

And while there was little if any coaching observable in Death Valley, this squad of Cardinals should also be ashamed. They displayed zero pride.

I have watched U of L teams perform poorly in the past, but I cannot remember one during which the team played as if they could give a shit.

Cardinal fans, bury the rag deep in your face, now is the time for your tears.

Bottom line: It is inconceivable that Vince Tyra, financial difficulties notwithstanding, can do anything but advise Petrino that he shall be gone after the UK game. For Tyra to say something like, “We’ll assess the situation after the season,” would be a skewed interpretation of the precarious state of the program.

Your move, Mr. Athletics Director.

 * * * * *

Don’t be looking for any analytics here.

What would they matter?

Louisville never showed. Had Dabo Swinney not suited up frat boys from the stands for the last quarter and a half, Clemson would have easily passed the century mark, erasing the Racers from the Cardinal record book.

There are oh so many moments that depict U of L’s ineptitude.

Like the series in the 2d Q, down 3-21, when, after making a first down on a 3d & 9, the Cards went Sack, False Start, Delay of Game, Pick Six.

Or the several Tiger off tackle runs right up the middle when the rusher scampered untouched for TDs. On he first of which, the Cards added value for the victors with a Face Mask violation.

Then, the unacceptable lack of understanding of time, place and situation when the Cardinals, down 3-49, punted. A U of L player — Does it really matter which one? — bulldozed into the receiver then celebrated like he’d just sealed a Super Bowl W. Until he was tossed for targeting.

Which was topped on Louisville’s next possession, ending in another punt. During the coverage of which, a U of L player — Does it really matter which one? — hesitated for a second then tackled the receiver who had clearly called for a Fair Catch.

Doc and Smart Guy and I watched to the bitter end.

Gallows humor prevailed from the get go.

Near the end, color man Dusty Dvoracek wondered aloud, “future wins are hard to count.”

Really? Seems to me we’ll be able to count them on no fingers.

 * * * * *

During Game Day, Rece Davis mused, “Wasn’t it just two years ago that this was THE game?”

Then the gang riffed on the James Quick gaffe that cost U of L that game.

Frankly, that was the beginning of the decline.

Only an extreme makeover on Floyd Street will end it.

— Seedy K


6 thoughts on “Louisville CardFile: Clemson

  1. I go back to Gibson and Weber. Plus Cooper. Plus Kragthorpe. Today was the absolute worst. No effort. No pride. Nothing. Other than a team and that does not deserve the emotional support of their fans. And as one who always stayed to the bitter end, I never thought that I would say that.

  2. All is not truly lost with what is trying to pass as a football team. Take heed dear friends the bookies await your friendly call. Our boys have played 8 games thus far and covered the spread one time. The surest locks of the season were the first game and this game. Hard to see them covering next week either no matter what the spread is against my alma mater.

  3. My heart has been ripped out by this season’s performance (or lack thereof). Our only hope for another win this season is an upset of the BlueNecks , whether Bobbi P is still coaching or not.

  4. If the opposing coach had been anyone but nice guy Dabo Swinney, the 86 year old Murray State record would have fallen. Even Dabo’s 4th stringer son found the end zone. This is Bobby’s Waterloo.

  5. I can see Syracuse really steamrolling us in the Carrier Dome. When they get rolling in that place they can put up the points. I’m afraid it will be a Clemson type beating, or if not that bad, a Wake Forest type beating.

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