Seedy K’s You Can Take It To The Bank Final Four

Thank the Great God of Hoops Naismithius for the antidote to the duality of focus Opening Night Tuesday.

Yes there’s the arrival of college basketball 2018-19. The Lord is once again causing his countenance to shine down upon us.

Plus the sumptuous slate of tips provides a healthy alternative to the Sean Hannity/Rachel Maddow Maalox/Pepcid AC induing imperative to periodically check in on the results of the most important mid-term elections in eons. Not only is there that doubleheader, you know the one I’m talking about. But you got Florida vs. Florida State. Western Kentucky at UDub. BYU at preseason darling Nevada.

And if you are among the most addled of hoopaholics, you can watch Wisconsin Lutheran vs. Wisconsin Green Bay at half past midnight Tuesday morn the openingest of opening tipoffs. You got my proxy on that one, I’m healthier now than I used to be.

We are in a blissfully politics-free zone here, so the first question to be asked is whether there shall be a redux of Opening Night Kentucky vs. Duke on the first Monday in April?

These two recruiting bad boys have been harvesting the plumpest, juiciest, pick of the harvest prepsters for years now, but cutting down the nets with the Zion Williamsons of the world is never a given. There’s always a Sister Jean to spike the March punchbowl.

Stay tuned. Answer below.

There is so much to savor, to wonder about as the season unfolds. Questions? Oy, have we got queries to be answered.

L’il Penny can obviously recruit to his alma mater Memphis State, but can he coach?

Will the Loyola Ramblers continue to excel with increased scrutiny and expectation?

Can the Cavaliers of UVa bounce back from the most devastating L in NCAA history?

Will Chris Mack win more than he loses in his first year coaching at the World’s Most Spectacular Arena? (Will the Ladybirds capture their 127th consecutive national title?)

Are the Zags ready to take that final step?

Will a renovated arena help Chris Collins get enough top shelf recruits to turn Northwestern into the Duke of the Big Ten and a perennial national contender?

Will someboday — anybody — finally dethrone Rock Chalk Jayhawk atop the Big 12?

Can Chris Mullen lead the Johnnies to the Dance, or is he just another Clyde Drexler?

Will Tacko fall be a factor at Central Florida?

Will Fran McCaffery’s finally explode — literally blow apart — on the sideline during a Iowa Hawkeye tilt? Vegas says there’s 42% likelihood.

Will Romeo Langford’s first — Only? — season at IU have a happier ending than his namesake’s from the days of yore?

You gotta wanna see a guy named Bol Bol play, right?

Will scandal undermine Kansas and/or Arizona?

How long before you hit the Mute button on Dick Vitale? Vegas set the over/under at 9:32 of his first game.

Will Vandy, with its most heralded frosh class ever, be a factor in the SEC?

How much better, if any, will Pitt be under the tutelage of Jeff Capel?

Whither DePaul? (Or is that DePaul withers?)

Will Ed Cooley finally start getting some props for his coaching prowess?

Will karma finally catch up with scofflaw Bruce Pearl?

Okay, enough. Is your appetite whetted? Mine sure is. I’m salivating as we speak.

As for my absolutely positively feel free to unbuckle with your bookie picks for the Final Four:

Kentucky. Gonzaga. Michigan State. Virginia Tech.

Don’t ask why. Don’t expect and analytical breakdown. Just remember where you read it first.

— Seedy K


One thought on “Seedy K’s You Can Take It To The Bank Final Four

  1. Mine are: Duke, Virginia, Nevada, Tennessee

    Alas, no Hoyas…. BTW, the Hokies kicked a starter off the team, btw.

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