Louisville CardFile: North Carolina State

It is the pundit’s predicament, the writer’s dilemma.

Which of America’s preeminent observers to quote/ paraphrase in situations such as the University of Louisville football program is currently mired?

Is there a path for this team’s immediate reinvention, a way to find some comfort in the most disturbing Louisville pigskin campaign in eons?

Or, like one of the cowpokes in the new Coen Brothers’ classic “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs,” do you pull out the six shooter and save the steed his misery?

On the one hand, there’s Yogi Berra, master wordsmith, a man of poignant observation.

“It ain’t over until it’s over.”

On the other, there’s T.S. Eliot, whose work resonated with the young and literate. At least when I was young and literate.

Whose final lines of “The Hollow Men,” I’ve stolen and skewed many a time at moments such as this.

This is the way the season end/ This is the way the season ends/ This is the way the season ends/ Not with a bang but a whimper

Of course, Kentucky’s still left. The Wildcats visit this coming weekend. An opportunity for the U of L Cardinals to summon some heretofore absent energy and fortitude, and end this horrid season upbeat.

Can the Cardinals prevail in the finale in front of what will surely be relatively empty stands, filled with as much blue or more as red?

Of course. That’s why they play the game.

But, given how hollow this Cardinal contingent appears, such an implausible victory, pardon the intentional pun, would come from out of the blue.

The Cardinals showed little against the Wolfpack in another beatdown to indicate they crave anything more than too much oyster dressing and drumsticks on Thursday and an end to the malaise on Saturday.

Is there any reason, other than to fill space, to discuss any aspect of Saturday’s laydown?

Not really. Though the use of Tutu Atwell at QB for a couple series was a fascinating twist. As Doc and I watched — at least until mid 3d Q when I nodded off because of fitful insomnia Friday night and he just couldn’t take any more — we wondered if U of L’s recently departed mentor ever considered such action when it became evident that neither Pass nor Cunningham could get it done on a consistent basis?

Other than that signal calling curiosity, I haven’t the slightest inclination to rehash any of yesterday’s events.

Other than to praise to the highest the stalwart faithful in the stands who showed up on a chilly day.

Of course, Vince Tyra’s coaching search is Discussion #1. But that’s another consideration for another day.

What will happen Saturday?

With all due respect to baseball’s poet laureate, this turkey is done beyond a burnt crisp.

This is the way the season ends/ This is the way the season ends/ This is the way the season ends/ Not with a bang but a whimper.

— Seedy K

2 thoughts on “Louisville CardFile: North Carolina State

  1. I was one of approximately 20k fans at the game and when the starting lineup for both offense and defense was shown on the video board; I felt good. With 8 sophomores and freshmen on defense unit and 6 sophomores and freshmen on the offensive unit the future was bright.
    Then the game started.

  2. Even though Ron Cooper’s record in his final season was worse, even he did not leave the program in such disarray.

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