Louisville Cardinal Short Shots

So I’m standing in line at the grocery on the first day of the weekend, and the clerk asks if I have anything fun planned for the holiday?

“Errands. Maybe some music,” I reply.

At which point the fellow next to me in line says, “Post something at CardChron.”

Fortunately he didn’t seem to be one of the regulars, an antagonist whose vitriol would indicate I wouldn’t want to be meeting them out in public. He was a good guy.

“It’s that time of year, when there’s not a lot of news. Hopefully the baseball team (which had just gone ofer the ACC tourney) will get its act together.”

Anyway, my reader’s wishes are my command. So, here I come with a bunch of little stuff. Most, but not all of which, is Cardinal related.

 * * * * *

Speaking of the Cardinal nine, their late season swoon didn’t affect their NCAA tourney national seeding, at least fatally. For the fifth time, U of L is one of the Top 8 — this time #7 — meaning, theoretically, the Cards can win their way to Omaha without leaving the friendly confines of The Jim. Operative words: “win their way.”

IU, Illinois State, and Illinois Chicago will be joining the home team for the regional. U of L opens with the latter at 6:00 on Friday.

Should the Cards get back on track and prevail against this midwestern trio, they’d have to beat one of the following quartet 2 of 3 to make it to Nebraska: East Carolina, NC State, Campbell or Quinnipiac.

Will Dan McDonnell start his ace Reid Detmers in the opener, or save him?

Head out to the ballyard on Friday to find out.

 * * * * *

Surfing the channels last one evening last week, I came upon the 30 on 30 documentary about the heated Celtics/ Lakers rivalry in the 80s. Though locked in at the time, I have surprisingly forgotten the details and who prevailed when, etc.

The Lakers didn’t make it to the Finals in ’86. The reason for which is the Cardinal connection here.

In the deciding tilt, the Houston Rockets had the ball out of bounds in front court with less than a second to play. At which point, Ralph Sampson received a pitch perfect pass, which he was able to tip into the net for the W and advancement to meet the Celtics.

The purveyor of that incredible victorious delivery: Rodney McCray.

Which former Cardinal great is my answer to an oft asked question when I gather with pals and we’re talking U of L hoops. The question: What was U of L’s best/ most productive recruiting class?

 * * * * *

The young Cardinal linksters finished 29th in the NCAA Men’s Golf Championships.

 * * * * *

Five U of L track & field athletes have qualified for the NCAA Championships.

Ivine Chemutai (10,000M), Makenli Forrest (Discus), Albert Kosgei (3000M Steeplechase), Gabriela Leon (Pole Vault) and Martice Moore (400M Hurdles).

 * * * * *

The soon to be a power U of L softball team was to use the technical vernacular of the sport, “robbed” in their last game against eventual regional winner Northwestern. Down 4-2 in the 6th, the Cards had runners (Maddy Newman and Caitlin Ferguson) on 1st and 2d with no outs. Then, Kyra Snyder singled to Left, but Newman was called out at 3d, though it would have been clear to Stevie Wonder that the Wildcat 3d sacker didn’t have her foot on the bag.

For some reason, the call was made by the home plate ump, when the ump at the base had a clear view of the play but deferred.

That rally ended.  Another Cardinal score in the 7th wasn’t enough to advance to play national power Oklahoma in the Super Regional.

 * * * * *

All sports are not the same for the locals.

A friend’s daughter is a nationally ranked swimmer being recruited by many of the major powers. I’m advised she’s not considering U of L, even though the Cards are coached by Arthur Albiero, just named to the staff of the national team.

Which is different than the thinking of ballers, like Trinity’s David Johnson, who obviously didn’t want to ball anywhere else.

Just an observation.

 * * * * *

If the national pundits are correct, Vince Tyra gets an A+ for signing Scott Satterfield to take over the football mess.

Several “experts” have dubbed Satterfield the Best New Hire of the Year.

But, patience, kids, it’s going to take a few seasons for the Cards to be a factor.

— Seedy K


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  1. Your comments with regard to Cardinals Basketball and the potential of next years line up would be a good read. It reminds me of the excitement of ’85

    1. I think it’s a bit premature to discuss next year’s hoops. Not that we fans don’t do it 365. So, I think I’ll hold off a bit. What I will observe now in May is the ratcheted up anticipation with Nwora and Enoch returning, as well as perhaps unduly high expectations for a team whose core failed to get off the mat after the come from behind L to UVa season before last, and to Duke last year. It’s going to be interesting, and potentially great. The bandwagon is SRO and busting at the seams.

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