After 11-2 Romp, Cards a W away from Supers

OK, I’m racking my brain decades later to see if I can remember any of the laws of energy, Mr. Brashear tried to impart to us in 1st period Physics in H.S.?

Law of Conservation of Energy maybe? Potential energy is a concept I recall. Zeroth Law, is that a thing? Ya know, it’s not like I’ve thought a lot about theories of thermodynamics through the years.

But, seeing as how the energy of the Louisville Cardinal nine accelerated through yesterday’s twin killing of Indiana and Illinois State to force a decider Monday for a spot in the Supers, I have conceived a new hypothetical.

Who needs Stephen Hawking anyway?

For your consideration, I offer Seedy K’s Law of the Propagation of Energy.

When I entered The Jim yesterday morning, I couldn’t help but notice how listless the Cards looked as they were standing around when the Hoosiers took BP. A few were stretching. A couple were tossing the horsehide back and forth. Most were just hanging about idly.

There seemed little zest. Enthusiasm was nowhere to be found.

Then, by some force of nature, as the sun rose on the hot afternoon, the Cardinals’ bats radiated for 4 runs in the bottom of the 2d against IU.

Passion regenerated. Vitality permeated the Louisville dugout.

Later, when Jake Snider hit a lead off homer in the top of the 4th of the nightcap against the Redbirds, the dugout was towel waving, hat tossing, fist pumping zany.

With their backs against the wall, the Red & Black found its focus.

This new Seedy K Law of Progation of Energy must still gain approval of some international cabal of physicists, but I’ll guarantee you this: There was as much transformation of energy by U of L yesterday as at CERN’s Hadron Collider.

Throw in a couple of out of the blue pitching performances by Bobby Miller in the opener, a 9-7 send the Hoosiers back to the Sunny Side win, and bespeckled Luke Smith’s domination of Illinois State in an 11-2 romp, and Louisville is now but a single victory away from hosting a Super Regional.

Miller shut down IU twice when in peril. Smith gave up but 3 hits in 8 1/3, having steadied himself after a wobbly beginning in the bottom of the 4th..

In the opener, Alex Binelas went 2/5 with 4 RBIs and 2 runs scored. Danny Oriente and Jake Lavey (3/4) knocked in two each.

In the second game smackdown, Jake Snider was 3/4, scored thrice and knocked in three.

Drew Campbell was the estopper in the field, robbing Redbirds and Hoosiers several times.

It will obviously hurt in the long run, but there was no adverse short term detrimental effect from Michael McAvene’s absurd ejection in the final frame of the opener, and resulting mandatory suspension. He wasn’t needed in the second W of the day.

But the inner physicist in me hypothesizes that said injustice was the catalyst for Louisville’s resurgence in the victory over State.

A W Monday afternoon over the rival from Illinois will provide empirical, scientific proof that the Cards propelled themselves from the brink of elimination to hosting a Super Regional.

First pitch in the Cardinals vs. Redbirds Redux, Part Trois is 1:00 PM.

— Seedy K

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