Friday Squawks: Dabo, Roy, K, & the ’86 Title

Because I’m an inveterate Louisville Cardinal fan, because I still shake my head in awe that the Cards now compete in the Atlantic Coast Conference, and because I’m justifiably accused of being OCD, I tuned into the premier evening of the ACC Network.

(Besides I’m not a huge fan of the LLWS, and the episode of “Texas Metal” on MotorTrend Channel didn’t intrigue me.)

It was mostly just Show & Tell, since there was no actual live sports action.

Here are a few of the things I learned:

Dabo Swinney is “sure enough” anxious to see how his defense performs, when it opens its season next Thursday against Georgia Tech. On the ACCN, of course.

Roy Williams hates pizza. But was forced to nibble on a piece of a ham and pineapple pie — as if that’s real pizza — when in the home of a recruit he really wanted.

Coach K, despite its lack of ultimate success, loves his first big recruiting class, that of ’82, which graduated in ’86.

The big ACCN opening night feature was a documentary about the Blue Devil careers of that Dawkins, Alarie, Bilas contingent. Which I watched only to see how they dealt with the ending.

Most peculiar, for me anyway, though understandable I suppose since the Blue Devils fell to my Cardinals in the title tilt, and an excuse was needed, is how those players and that coach blame the L on a blocking call with 5:32 to play.

At the time, Duke was up 61-57. Milt Wagner drove the left baseline, put up a floater that netted. Jay Bilas was called for blocking. Which the Dookies consider a horrible call. Milt connected, but the Blue Devils were still ahead a digit, soon went up three, then lost the advantage, regained it on a couple Dawkins FTs, then lost it for good on a Billy T eight footer that pushed U of L ahead with 2:49 left.

Here’s what was not mentioned about that game. U of L won despite committing 24 turnovers and connecting on only 14 of 21 FTs. What was mentioned only in passing is how they forgot to block out Pervis Ellison on Jeff Hall’s airball at :41.

Nor was it discussed how Dawkins last FG of the game came with 15:28 to play.

So, yeah, I watched the doc because I knew the sweet denouement.

Several times during the show, Bilas mentions how that Duke team, which was 37-2 at tipoff, was being compared to the best college squads ever. Sort of glossed over is how those guys had a losing record their frosh year, including a 15 point Cardinal beatdown in Cameron Indoor. That they lost in the opening round of the Dance the following year to UDub, and in the second round their junior seasons to BC.

So, when I turned off the telly and my head hit the pillow, I had a smile on my face.

— Seedy K



One thought on “Friday Squawks: Dabo, Roy, K, & the ’86 Title

  1. And I’m sure they didn’t mention how Danny Ferry tried to take Jeff Hall’s head off with the ball after the horn. Classy. Although I didn’t see it (the LLWS is riveting) I’m sure it was a puff piece for Duke. When you forget to block out the POY year on a air ball, well, I’d try to forget that too. I know they believe, as Bllas has said, they were the best team that year. But if I were them, I wouldn’t lean on that too often because it means that as a team and as coaches, they blew it. Did I mention that the Hawaii- Virgina LLWS game will be an instant classic?

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