Coach Satt’s Game Week Presser This & That

Some scattered observations:

*** It was a significantly less ill at ease Scott Satterfield who met the press Monday in advance of the Louisville Cardinals’ Labor Day opener than the fellow who answered questions at Media Day weeks ago.

Which he sort of addressed when asked during the session when the magnitude of his higher profile ACC gig at U of L hit him? To which he responded with something like “the first time I met all you.”

“It’s not like back in Boone with two reporters.”

*** As at Media Day, the first player Satterfield mentioned by name was Tutu Atwell. It was in response to a query about the position group he felt the best about. Which is the receiving corps. He compared Atwell to T Y Hilton, the Indianapolis Colts wideout he coached at Florida International.

He then mentioned the first team O line. But several times emphasized the Cards’ lack of depth there and elsewhere throughout the lineup. Except at running back.

*** He mentioned that at times, QB Puma Pass is “unbelievable.” His most significant improvement has been running the ball, and that there have been practices when Pass has completed 70% of his passes.

*** TE Jordan Davis will miss the first two games because of academic issues.

*** LB P.J. Blue is the only Cardinal who suffered a season ending injury in practice. Torn ACL.

*** Coach Satt admitted to being a football junkie, and referenced both of Saturday night’s FBS games in his comments.

*** The squad still does not practice as hard as he would like on a consistent day in day out basis. “We’re growing, but still have a ways to go.”

*** When asked about Notre Dame, he referred to their players by numbers, not names. He said the Irish play “breathalyzer defense,” meaning they’re “right in your face.”

*** He underscored how the offensive and defensive game plans are collaborative efforts, but that he’d be calling the offensive plays. The coordinators will be on the sideline.

*** Caveat emptor: The stadium parking lots will open at High Noon, a full eight hours in advance of kickoff. Stadium gates will open at 6:00. Card March will be at 5:30. There’s gonna be some folks in an advanced state of inebriata, even before kickoff.

*** ESPN’s first team of Kirk Herbstreit, Chris Fowler and Maria Taylor will be covering the battle against the Fighting Irish.

— Seedy K