It’s Michle Not Micale & Other Final Thoughts on the BC W

CORRECTION: In retrospect, it is obvious that the correct spelling of the first name of The QB Formerly Known As Malik Cunningham is Micale Cunningham, and that the transcription of his interview upon which I relied had an inadvertent typo. 

Silly me for believing what I read with my own eyes at U of L’s sports site. 

Apologies to all. 

So, let me see if I can clear up all this Cunningham first name stuff.

So, during the games, there’s a press box announcer who provides play by play details. Who made the catch, the tackle, committed a penalty, official yardage, etc. etc..

And it didn’t take long Saturday to notice he was calling the U of L QB what sounded like Mikhail Cunningham.

When it continued into the second half without any correction from Kenny Klein or Rocco Gasparro, I was glad I didn’t go over and correct him, as was my usual overbearing wont.

A fellow scribe advised Cunningham made a request that he be called by his given name, and that it is spelled Micale.

OK, well and good. So, my CardChronicle Glorious Editor, the Courier-Journal and real journalist Eric Crawford all used the new name and Micale spelling in post-game stories. The eagle eyed among you will not I did not. I spelled his name Michle.

Here’s why: It’s how Cunningham himself spelled it in his comments after the victory.

Here’s a cut and paste of the official transcript of his comments:

Michle Cunningham, R-SO., QB
(Can you explain the name change?)
“So yesterday, or I mean this week, Rocco and I were talking about it and then I thought about what people can pronounce, it’s about my middle name, which is Malik. So like every time I go to class they call ‘Michelle’ and ‘Michael’ or something like that. So, I just tell them to call me Malik. But, I just thought about when I talked to a reporter yesterday and she asked me about it and I was like you all can pronounce it. I am fine with it. That’s my name.
(Can you spell it for us?)
(Did Coach know about your name change?)
“It’s just a habit. He used to call me Malik. I go by both of them. It doesn’t matter to me.”

So, yeah, that’s all I know.

Maybe it’s a transcription error. Who knows? But until I’m advised otherwise, I’m spelling Michle Cunningham’s name the way Michle Cunningham spells it, no matter what the official roster says.

 * * * * *

I loved how excited Scott Satterfield was after the win.

He was chattering in triple time at his pressers.

How long has it been since that’s happened?

Dour has left the building.

 * * * * *

I like most also love the “Ali inspired” unis.

Because they are clean and unadorned. White. Simple black lettering.


And, more important, victorious Saturday.

 * * * * *

What I didn’t love, but what didn’t surprise me, were all the empty seats at the stadium.

Maybe if it had been a nicer day. Or the game had mattered more for a Card team that hadn’t won a league game in two years.

 * * * * *

In case you were wondering, U of L’s foes this season had attempted 142 passes before Anthony Johnson’s pick against the Eagles.

 * * * * *

Going into Saturday’s game the defensive stop rate for the Cards was 74.5%. Which was 37th best in the country.

It will drop some. BC scored on 7 of its 13 possessions, other than the one which ended at halftime.

— Seedy K


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  1. “Nicer day ?” If the timely cold front had not come through Friday it would have been a blazing 94 degrees and 10,000 less in attendance . We got lucky.

  2. I have always felt that we have approximately 40,000 +/- dedicated fans.
    Others come out if the start time is mid afternoon; the weather is good and it is a big name opponent.

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