Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VII

Before moving on to this coming weekend’s predictionary proclamations, let’s take the traditional one last look, shall we, at last week’s results?

I believe it would be prudent and informative.

Cincinnati ✔︎

Nebraska ✔︎

Florida ✔︎

Liberty ✔︎

Louisville ✔︎

Pulling out the slide rule — I remain old school in some regards, most regards actually — let’s do the math. Five predictions. Five winners.

My oh my, seems after all the tabulations have been calculated that I was 5 for 5, which is, no rounding up necessary, 100%.

As the U of L Cardinal broadcaster of my youth Uncle Ed Kallay would say, “You can’t get much better than that.”

Which brings my season stats to 21-11, and, rounding up, that means I’ve been 66% correct for the campaign. 65.625% if you’re picking nits.

Just sayin’.

This weekend’s winners:

Appalachian State @ Louisiana. There are a few things that are sacrosanct in the Lafayette/ Breaux Bridge area that distinguish it from most everywhere else you have visited. An obsession with crawfish is one. Dancing is another. Heck, before it closed, the Cafe des Amis hosted a Saturday morning dance party. (There might be another that’s taken its place, but I didn’t take the time to try and google it up.) The Ragin’ Cajuns are also beloved. And the fun loving fanbase is looking to break loose Wednesday night. Because, well, the locals were throttled by App State their last time here, 14-63. And haven’t won home or away for a good while. Not a lot of celebratin’ in the bayou about this series in recent seasons. New Mountaineer mentor Elijah Drinkwitz is undefeated, which glossy skein includes a W over the Tar Heels in Chapel Hill. App State has some traditions too, and one of them is playing really well in big games. But the 4-1 boyz from the bayou have the nation’s top ranked running attack. Which will be enough to upset App State in this battle for midseason supremacy in the Sun Belt. Let’s do a little two steppin’ to Michael Doucet. Play the “Kaplan Waltz” for me.

Oklahoma vs. Texas (Dallas). There are few college pigskin traditional rivalries like this one. Yeah, there’s that World’s Largest Cocktail Party thing in Jacksonville every year, but other than that I can’t think of another. What sets these apart is that the rivals meet on the same neutral field every year, and the stands are split 50-50. Of course, what this B12 battle has — besides bitter rivals — is the Texas State Fair right outside the gates. Fried BBQ brisket anyone? As for what’s likely to happen on the gridiron, it’s an old fashioned shoot out. Lincoln Riley is the latest offensive savant/ QB whisperer, working on his 3d Heisman signal caller in a row. Former Crimson Tidian Jalen Hurts. But his counterpart Sam Ehlinger has also been pretty boffo, even if his PR machinery isn’t ramped up quite as much. Yoo hoo Minister of Culture Mattew McConaughey, stop pontificating behind the wheel of a Lincoln and do your bidding. Hook ‘Em Horns slipped away with the surprising W last season, and methinks they hang another L on the Sooners this campaign.

Wahington @ Arizona. In this era of ten minute new cycles, we move on quickly. Thus most college football fans have already forgotten the name Manly Williams. I’ll give you a second to search your memory. OK, there’s Beulah the Buzzer. He’s the Hawaii Rainbow Warrior DL, who tackled Arizona QB Khalil Tate on the last play of the season opener to secure an upset over the Wildcats. Otherwise, former Dead Man Walking Kevin Sumlin’s team would be sitting 5-0. Least we forget that Tate himself was considered a Heisman contender before he labored through last season with a nagging ankle injury. Well, they’re baaaaaaack, and atop the Pac12 South, with the reeling Huskies arriving in Tuscon this weekend. UDub’s already dropped two league games, and last week’s doleful effort in an L at Stanford has fans wondering whether Chris Petersen’s reached his ceiling? Will the visitors get back on track? Or will ‘zona continue to surprise? The latter.

Arkansas @ Kentucky. Not only did I have lunch the other day with the two fellows who once bought me a one way ticket to Lexington, but I had to pick up the check. After being inundated by Sportsbee and Doppelgänger Boris for the entirety of the repast with questions about “my Cayuts” and who was going to play QB for UK and how sure was I that they were going to conquer the visiting Razorbacks this weekend? There is a significant Wooo Pig Sooey contingent who would be more than glad to offer up any number of comely graduate assistants if that would lure Bobby Petrino back to Fayetteville. Going to the Sugar and Cotton Bowls in consecutive years is a good enough reason to set aside ethics and morals. Well, Bobby’s smiling mug will be nowhere close to Kroger Field for this one, though he did love to beat the Cats. It is reported that Sawyer Smith will be healthy enough to call plays for Kentucky, which will break its three game losing streak.

Louisville @ Wake Forest. At 5-0, the Demon Deacons are one of the nation’s darlings. Everybody seems to be singing the praises of QB Jamie Newman and wideout Sage Surratt. Plus there’s the edge that WF has been riding since that whole Wakey Leaks play sheet scandal resentment has fueled a couple of Ws in a row in this series. Meanwhile, the Cards continue to resurge in the Coach Satt Era under the dual QBing of Micale “Not Michle” Cunningham, who all of a sudden seems like a legit passing threat, and real frosh Evan Conley. The question is whether U of L’s shaky error-plagued conquering of BC will give them more confidence than perhaps it should moving forward in league play? Rarely the optimist, I still say L’s up in Winston Salem.

— Seedy K

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  1. Boris says you have a better chance at 0-5 than 5-0…but hope you are at least right about your last prediction.

    Btw… Did ur big blew coin pick the Cayuts game…AGAIN? Geeze…that’s the ONLY reason you didn’t lose last week—-your kittens were off…

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