Louisville CardFile: Miami

I’ve been on a diet for several months now.

Eating healthy foods. In healthy portions. Exercising.

Avoiding that handful of chips, or that “you can have just one cookie.”

I get on the scale first thing every morning.

Slowly, and given that I’m staying the course, inexorably, I’m dropping the avoirdupois.

But there is a strange phenomenon that is unsettling. But must be accepted.

I’ll get on the scale one day and hit a new low. Then, the next day, even though I haven’t jumped the rails in any regard, I’ll weigh a couple of pounds more.

It’s inexplicable. Most vexing. But I haven’t used it as an excuse to head over to Bennie Impellizzeri’s for my favorite pizza.

I accept those “setbacks” as part of the process. I stay the course.

So that’s my perspective when considering Saturday’s horrid performance by the Louisville Cardinals in Hard Rock Stadium.

After viewing Coach Scott Satterfield’s postgame comments, his demeanor, hearing his take on what went wrong, and how he and his staff will handle matters this week as the Cards prepare for NC State in Raleigh, I’m convinced he’ll deal with yesterday’s beatdown as I do those days when the scale reads too much.

Consistency is called for. Believe in your plan. Stay committed. Continue to do what you’ve been doing.

Know that eventually you will get where you want to be.

There’s an adage: Two steps forward, one step back.

Despite his good ol’ southern guy demeanor and patois, Satterfield projects calm and confidence. He accepted his part and his staff’s part in yesterday’s performance, doing so without coachspeak prevarication.

He didn’t shy away from mentioning what he saw on the field, but didn’t  throw his players under a bus.

Penalties. Lots of penalties. Blown coverages. Missed assignments. Missed tackles. Turnovers.

Injuries to three major contributors: Mekhi Becton, Micale Cunningham, Tutu Atwell.

He acknowledged, and I believe Cardinal fans should also, that Miami has been improving steadily over the last month. After falling at home to Georgia Tech, they bested Pitt and rival Florida State on the road, and put it all together against the Cardinals. The Hurricanes, like more U of L foes than not, are also more talented.

They were ready. Louisville was not.

That’s how you end up behind the chains the entire day, and on the short end of a 52-27 final score.

Saturday’s performance looked eerily like last year.

I will be surprised if U of L plays like that against the Wolfpack.

— Seedy K

3 thoughts on “Louisville CardFile: Miami

  1. Probably the most inciteful and accurate article you have penned concerning football in quite awhile. Kudos!

  2. In not panicking either despite 10 penalties in the first half alone and a defense that got torched. I think we win the next 3.

  3. Don’t worry too much about the scale. From section 307, you look like you have lost a lot of weight.

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