Hoopaholics Gazette: Memphis State folds, Blue Demons roll & a Pop Quiz

Welcome back for more subjective sometimes pissy ruminations and pontifications about the glorious world of college hoops.

But first, my fellow hoopaholics, a pop quiz. #2 pencils and ruled paper out. Ready?

What happened in the last week for the first time in college basketball since January, 1993?

Clock is ticking. No going to the Google for the answer.

OK, time’s up.

What happened in January 25 of ’93 is that unranked Long Beach State upset AP #1 ranked Kansas in Allen Fieldhouse.

The next such occurrence of such an unusual event, as if you hadn’t already heard, came when Evansville’s Purple Aces upended the Kentucky Wildcats in Rupp Arena.

There hasn’t been much notoriety about that hardwood outlier, so I wanted to make sure my readers were aware.

Points to you if you already knew. Bonus points if you can name Long Beach State’s coach in ’93?

Seth Greenburg.

What fascinated me about Walter McCarty’s squad during that upset is that they played five on the perimeter much of the game. No pivot. Nobody posting up. Guys would cut through the lane, but that was about it. Move the ball outside, shoot the three, or beat your man off the dribble.

 * * * * *

Was there ever any doubt that Memphis State would cave, would have to cave in the Wiseman vs. NCAA matter?

Correct answer: No.

(As if the Wiseman family who actually hired not one but two long-named Memphis law firms to sue the ruling body on their own.)

To repeat the question I posited last week in this space, “Anfernee Hardaway, what da fuhzook were you thinkin’?”

Suit dropped. School declared the kid ineligible.

The suits in Indy will more than likely make Wiseman sit for ten or so games, then let him play. There will be assurances that Hardaway’s loan of $11.5 large has been repaid. (By whom I wonder?) And truth, justice and the American Way will have been served.

As for Hardaway, who bought the kid to win a state title at East High, he’ll likely face no repercussions. When the right thing to do would be to sit him down for the rest of the season.

As for the actual Memphis State Tigers team, well, I watched them lose to Oregon in some kiss the ring of Phil Knight made for TV “Classic,” and . . .

. . . those Tiger rookies are lean and lanky and seriously talented. But they’re not a very good basketball team. They lost to the Quack. Meanwhile assistant Mike Miller was texting on the bench during the game.

By the by, FS1 play by play announcer Lisa Byington, whom I do not recall having heard call a game before, is really good. Understated. Describes important details of the action.

 * * * * *

The same evening, LSU’s Bayou Bengals lost in Coach Will Wade’s return to VCU.

How in the hell is that guy still on the sidelines?

Loved the VCU fans sitting right behind the Tigers bench, wearing full FBI regalia.

During that game, announcer Chris Spatola used a term I’d never heard before, but surely will adopt somewhere along the way.


 * * * * *

Somehow, DePaul became a thing, a meme  for my Glorious Editor at cardchronicle.com.

Maybe because the Blue Demons have been essentially off the radar since the glory years near the end of legend Ray Meyer’s career on the bench and he was replaced by son L’il Joey Meyer, who couldn’t coach you how to eat a slice of Chitown Deep Dish.

At any rate I noticed this day that the Blue Demons are 5-0, with a W over nasty Fran McCaffery’s Iowa Hawkeyes in Iowa City.

So I emailed the blurb to Glorious Ed, with a title line, “Read it and Weep.” I have received neither a response or a pink slip. The latter, a good thing.

 * * * * *

You know how you can watch a game and there’ll be a player on the floor who is a real annoyance but acts as a catalyst for his team. The kind of guy you’d hold your nose and tolerate if he was wearing your favorite team’s uniform, but when he’s on the other team, you think, “This guy’s a bigger putz than Grayson Allen?”

Well, the Schmuck of the Week in my book is Wisconsin Badger Brevin Pritzl. He pushes, shoves, mugs.

He got an effective 15 and 13 in the Badgers take down of Marquette, but I just kind of wanted to punch his mug through the TV. (Which would not have been worth it, because I love love love my relatively new LG C8.)

The Warriors fared better early in the week when they came back from 18 down to beat reeling Purdue.

There’s something else that’s kind of cool about Marquette. And it’s not Coach Steve Wojciechowski, who was pritzl befoer Pritzl. Their unis have horizontal striping, like the ones Bo Ellis designed for the team, when he was ballin’ there for Al McGuire.

 * * * * *

Cole Anthony.

In case you haven’t heard.

 * * * * *

I’m looking forward to watching the Ohio State Buckeyes. They blistered ‘Nova by 20+, after easily handling the Louisville Cardinals in a preseason scrimmage.

 * * * * *

It wasn’t so long ago that the de rigeur uni styling was long, baggy shorts.

No more.

Shorts have gotten, well, shorter. Some even to the look of the 60s.

None quite as absurd though as the ones Memphis State’s Lester Quinones wears. He pulls his up and tucks them under for that Who Wears Short Shorts look. He looks like a Staten Island guy trying to impress the doorman at Studio 54 to get in and on that dance floor.

— Seedy K


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  1. I didn’t catch the game on FS1 but it’s my opinion that Lisa Byington is perhaps THE most underrated sideline reporter in basketball or football. It is no surprise to me that she does a great play-by-play.

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