Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XIII

Well, we’re rounding into CFP form around here. (To use the rarely used around here royal “we.”)

Not only did my Louisville Cardinals grab the brass ring and secure that coveted station we like to call “bowl eligible,” but I pretty accurately surveyed Week XII’s college pigskin landscape in advance.

Auburn had too little too late, and fell to Georgia. Which means Gus Malzahn might have slipped over to Fayetteville for a chat with some Razorback movers and shakers. If the Plainsmen/ War Damn Eagles fall to a Tua-less Crimson Tide, said coach might be movin’ on.

But I digress.

As for the rest of my picks, well, they were spot on, thank you very much. Thanks to Penn State hangin’ on against a much better than usual Hoosier contingent, UK’s blessing that Vandy is woeful bunch, the Boomer Sooners’ Jalen-led 2d half comeback for the proverbial ages, and, best of all, U of L’s strong after halftime smackdown of the Wolfpack.

Sooooooo, 4-1 for weekend ups the campaign count to 40-22.

Snack on that, ye negativitators.

Let’s hope that said predictionary skill holds up for a lucky Week XIII.

This winners:

Oregon @ Arizona State. I love the Ducks. And I love duck. And it is for the latter reason I am considering this “battle.” There’s an absolutely delicioso, taste is to die for smoked duck breast that my go to grocery carries. But only at certain times of the year. And it’s unavailable on the interweb. So, whenever I shop, I check to see if it’s in stock. Which, for the first time in months, it was this week. I bought all 8 packages that were on the shelf. Not that I’m obsessive or anything. Seven went in the freezer, and one’s in the fridge, ready to be heated up as I join Chris and Herbie Saturday Night Prime Time for this Pac 12 tussle. Phil Knight U. is on a collision course with the Final Four. The Sun Devils are on a collision course with bowl ineligibility. Quack. Pass the plum sauce, please.

Michigan @ Indiana. For the first time in just about forever, this late November game in the midwest is an interesting one. Coach Khaki’s Wolverines have rebounded nicely from their beatdown in Madison. Though their other L, to Penn State, doesn’t look quite as dismissible as it once did. They still have won their last three by 31, 31 and 34. IU, as chronicled above was also felled by the Nittany Lions, who were knocked from the unbeaten category by Minnesota, but survived IU last weekend. (Read that sentence slowly, and then it might make sense.) Will the Hoosiers break on through to the other side? Or, will the tradition of those famous Go Blue helmets prevail again? I’m hoping for the former. But picking the latter.

Texas @ Baylor. Suffice it to say that Tom Herman’s name doesn’t engender the adulation these days as he, Mathtew McConaughey and the rest of Hook ‘Em Horns nation would hope. His Lone Star is, shall we say, tarnished by the mediocre 6-4 record, with Ls in two of the Burnt Orange’s last three, to TCU and Iowa State. Meanwhile the Bears have to be reeling after their undefeated season was flushed down the crapper when they went ofer the 2d half, blew a 28-3 lead, and fell to Boomer Sooner. At home. They’ve won a passel of tight ones, which has fueled their skeptics all along. Can the Bears rebound on home turf? They haven’t bested the Longhorns since ’14. In Austin. This time they won’t have to travel so far for the victory.

UT Martin @ Kentucky. This game doesn’t even deserve any of my patented tomfoolery℗. Cats in a cakewalk.

Syracuse @ Louisville. The question for the Cardinals and their joyous fanbase, whom frankly are all I care about when it comes to this, the penultimate battle of the campaign, is just how more special can this campaign become? All legitimate expectations have been exceeded already. Another win or, heavens, two would make it Christmas morning weeks in advance. After five losses in its first five league games, the Orange went into Durham last weekend and spanked the Blue Devils like a naughty child, playing the way folks expected them to perform from the get go. They’ll be pumped. Will the Cards all of a sudden be cocky? Not give their visitors proper respect? Nah. Good guys grab #7.

— Seedy K

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  1. You really are going to take credit for your Cayuts over little Nickie’s Martineers? Really? You should be hitting .800 considering the games you pick Geeze…

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