Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Championship Week

Frankly, midday Saturday I was of two minds about the rest of the day’s outcomes.

Michigan and Louisville had been whomped up the side of their heads by arch rivals. UVa finally beat the rival Hokies for the first time since Tommy Jefferson was sneakin’ out back and shtuppin’ that Hemings gal in the shed.

Liberty was winning.

Auburn, my pick in the Iron Bowl, was back and forth then again with the Crimson Tide.

Peerless Prognosticator Seedy K was obviously hoping for a War Eagle W. Because 2-3, while far from exemplary, has a sweeter ring to it than 1-4.

But, to be honest, Literary Seedy K, the wanna be writer aspiring to consequence, he who would hope for eloquence, sort of wished for an Auburn L. Because then I had my oh so clever lede.

“Give me Liberty, or give me Death.”


But, being a man of verbosity if nothing else, I worked it in anyway. Too good to go to waste.

So I stand 46-26, heading into the last battles before Selection Sunday.

This weekend’s Champion Winners:

Utah vs. Oregon. The Utes — not to be confused with Vinny Gambini’s youts — are poised for the Big Time. Win and they’re In. As long as their new favorite SEC school, Louisiana State University, takes care of biz and knocks Georgia down a level. Unfortunately, awaiting the pigskinners from the Beehive State at Blue Jean Stadium in Santa Clara, Cali are the disappointing Oregon Ducks, who would be sitting in the 5 hole instead of this week’s foe, but for that lay down to the Sun Devils. One of these schools is going to be smelling the roses in Pasadena New Year’s Day. But if Utah is the conqueror, they have a shot at joining the Big Fish Fry. To be honest, I’ve only seen a few minutes of the Utes play this season, but their numbers are impressive. Yet, for some reason, and it’s not my oft stated ancient love for the Quack, I think Phil Knight U. will pull off the upset.

Virginia vs. Clemson. Ya know, Dabo Swinney, before he was sitting on top of the college football world, was a likeable, charming, sort of funny guy. Now he’s turned into Nick Saban. So, I’d like to think the Wahoos have a chance for the upset. They do not.

Cincinnati @ Memphis State. Is this like the NBA playoffs or something? The Bearcats and Tigers are meeting for the second weekend in a row. Winner, definitely if it’s Beale Street State, likely if it’s the Queen City Cats, goes to the Cotton Bowl. What we’re also pretty sure of is that next year both coaches, Luke Fickell and Mike Norvell, will in new locales, filling one of the increasing number of P5 openings. Beating a relatively even rival two weeks in a row is tough. Except when you get to play both in your own backyard. State prevails.

Ohio State vs. Wisconsin. Ya know, I really oughta be covering this game live. It’s in Indy at Lucas Oil, which is literally right around the corner from Shapiro’s Deli, where I could park my car, nosh before the game, and dine again afterward. Ahhhhhhh. But I’m not, so give it up, dude. It is said the Buckeyes are in the Final Four, whatever the result. I cannot disagree. So will a lack of motivation cause them to let their guard down, and fall to the Badgers? Uh, no.

LSU vs. Georgia. Ya know, if I covered this game I could try a Varsity Burger for the first time, park my . . . OK, alright, I’m still tired from very little sleep last night and my shtick is getting to sound the same. These are the most evenly matched teams this weekend, at least according to Vegas. There’s a part of me, a small part, that would like to see the Bulldogs get over the hump, since LSU like Ohio State is expected to get in the CFP, W or L. But even more, I just love me some of that Ed Orgeron. I’ve always been partial to football mentors who turn coachspeak into poetry. Orgeron is a direct descendent of the Poet Laureate, the Schnell. Besides that Kirby Smart has a bit too much Mike Leach in him, when it comes to decision making. Bayou Bengals.

Ya know, I should weigh in on the Baylor/ Oklahoma game, but I’m just too tired.

I’m outta here.

— Seedy K