Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Joey the Vig Season

So, those of you who have been with me awhile know, the ones who have been tagging along since back  when I was an independent wag, with just my own site, through now, when I’m a dual poster at and

What you know is, this is that lull time of the college football calendar between the scheduled regular season, and bowl games. Which means, as the shtick goes, that I get a visit from some of Joey the Vig’s, uh, “associates.”

Usually ruddy looking dudes with foreign accents in ill fitting sport coats, and a visage that says, “don’t waste our time, or else.”

They come at the behest of the Vig, a gentleman in the “gaming” industry, their purpose to “invite” me to “voluntarily” participate in their employer’s annual College Football Bowl Pool.

Funny how this usually works. They seem to always be able to deftly assure my entry, taking their leave with my participation fee.

I always ask their names, just to be polite, you understand. This year, when one mentioned his last name was Sheeran, my eyebrows raised. It sounded familiar so I began to inquire, “Sheeran, hmmm, are you any relation to Fra . . .”

At which juncture, his partner, put his hand not so gently on my arm, and advised, “If my partner gets one more question about that new movie, he’s gonna really lose it. Mr. Seedy, you really don’t want that.”

I dropped the subject. Glad to lock the door behind them as they left with my entry money.

More about the Vig in a second.

 * * * * *

Allow me to wrap up the regular season predictioning.

I went 5-0 Championship Saturday. Clemson, Ohio State and LSU were easy. I did pick the Oregon upset and Memphis State’s second W in a week over Cincy.

51-26 is pretty zesty, just a single wafer thin victory more and I’d have two rights for every wrong. Sigh.

 * * * * *

Which brings me back to Joey the Vig’s Bowl Pool, and why he is so annually anxious for my participation.

Seems I beat the house three years in a row. Against the spread.

Twice in a row, I finished atop all the challengers, in first place. Sweet, but the Vig doesn’t like when he keeps handing winnings to the same guy. The next year I also won some cash. For coming in last. Twas the Booby Prize, but the moolah spent the same.

So, here we go again.

I have a method to my picks, which stupidly I revealed several years back. At which point, my winning streak ended. I shall not reiterate even the basics again.

The question is whether to reveal all my picks to you readers, my less than adoring public, or to keep them private and just cherish that I will have a rooting interest in the otherwise inconsequential Cheez-It Bowl between Wash State and Air Force.

I’ll probably share, but, eh, I dunno. We’ll see.

Keep an eye out.

— Seedy K