Hoopaholic’s Gazette: It’s Always Hoops Season in Cardinal Country

Welcome back, my fellow hoopaholics.

We all understand that even though last night would have been the capper of the season, One Shining Moment and all, the season is always in season.

Cardinal Country is Hoopsylvania. Or, vice versa.

So, as I write I’m also watching the U of L/ Pitt game from this last campaign.

Thank you, ACC Network.

Actually, I’m going to pause, watch the end and get back to you in a few minutes.

 * * * * *

OK, I’m back. I’d forgotten — of course — how this victory came about.

The Panthers went up 7 with under 3:00 in regulation on a 2d chance banked in trey.

Followed by a 7 nil Louisville run to send it to OT. The Cards wrapped a defensive kill + around a Kimble triple, a Malik old fashioned three point play and a DJ FT to knot it at 61.

The Cards didn’t exactly dominate in extra time, but did benefit from a sketchy call by the zebras. U of L was up a deuce with under a minute to go, when Williams scrambling for a defensive rebound tips it in, along with a Panther, for a tying bucket. But, Pitt was called for an over the back foul. No score. Cards hung on by the hair on their chinny chin chins.

The Cards game at Cameron Indoor is coming up at 2:00. I got a good feeling about this one.

Thank you, Naismithius, for these small blessings on this gorgeous but coronaviral spring day.

 * * * * *

In my series of gamecaps of Cardinal Classics, I wrote about the ’86 Duke title tilt.

Many have mentioned to me in the aftermath, that their loathing of the Blue Devils commenced with Danny Ferry’s clothesline of Jeff Hall at the buzzer.

Well, I’ve now learned there was some payback.

This is Hoopaholics Anonymous, so the reader who sent this to me shall remain so. But, it’s some kind of sweet comeuppance for Ferry.

One thing that’s burned into my memories of that game is the very end. I wondered if we imagined it, but plain as day, Danny Ferry clotheslined Jeff Hall. XXXXXX, my ex-, almost came out of her skin. We both howled, then settled down and enjoyed the victory. Still…

A month later, we went to the McDonald’s All-American game. We secured very good seats in those days, because we attended NBA games and annual NCAA tourney tilts. This game was no different.

We settled in our seats, commented on our good fortune at half court, eighth row seats. Soon after, none other than Danny Ferry sits in front of us. 

XXXXXX’s memory is good, her blood boiled, and she was very distracted until the first long timeout. She excused herself. When she returned, I was surprised to see her return with one of those absurdly large sodas. Neither of us drank soda.

She had an evil smile. Navigating to our seats, she lost her balance (poorly) and deposited the contents of the cup on Danny. “I’m so sorry!” He was stunned. She smiled, and he left. She remarked to him as he was leaving “That’s for Jeff Hall.” Never saw him in those seats the rest of the game.

It’s stupidly silly, but I never watch that game without thinking about that.

On behalf of many in the Cardinal Nation, let me say thanks.

 * * * * *

Welcome, Carlik Jones.

Haven’t the slightest clue how good a baller this grad transfer, or where he’ll fall along or outside the Kimble/ Fore/ Cunningham scale.

But anybody who wants to don a red and black Cardinal uni is just alright with me.

Louisville was going to be thin at the guard spot.

 * * * * *

Matt Haarms???

Eh, I dunno.

 * * * * *

Even though they had the Cards getting waxed early on by BYU, my favorite of the faux NCAA tourney playdowns was at theathletic.com.

Their Final Four was a most realistic Kansas, San Diego State, Michigan State and Seton Hall.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk prevailed by a deuce over the Spartans.

Had it been real, it would have provided legitimate opportunity for yet another school to be stripped of a title banner.

Except that, you know, Louisville actually won the the championship, fair and square on the hardwood.

 * * * * *

Nothing about Louisville’s next campaign non-conference schedule announced so far jumps out at me as noteworthy.

In the league, we play Duke, Syracuse, Virginia, among others, twice. Plus a trip to Chapel Hill.

Here’s what I’m praying for: That there is a next season.

Be safe.

— c d kaplan