Random Thoughts on the World of Sports

Since it can’t be ignored really in these weird times, just a brief mention of the oversized pachyderm in the room. Then I’ll move on. Or, at least, try to.

I miss the NBA playoffs, as I missed the culmination of the college hoops season, as I miss baseball, college and MLB.

Oh, for a day, catching the Cardinals at The Jim.


I’m not even going to consider the seasons that should come when autumn draws close. Football. Basketball.

My prayer is that the scientists around the globe, who are working fervently to find the antidotes and vaccines to thwart this virus, shall do so as expeditiously as possible.

What I can do is heed the advice of the professionals who know what they’re talking about, and hope that suggested behavior becomes the default for others.

There’s not really much more a sports junkie can offer about that, other than to suggest finding some solace in this day.

 * * * * *

Good for future New York Jets left tackle Mekhi Becton.

Sam Darnold gonna be pleased to make your acquaintance.

Apparently the former Card, taken at #11, stands as U of L’s highest pick ever.

(OK, that statement is incorrect. Or, so I’m advised. Ken Kortas was a #9 in ‘64. Amobi Okoye was #10 in ‘08. If those are incorrect, please advise and i’ll pas it along to my “trusted sources.”)

(Yet, if only for perspective, the top 3 picks all had Ohio State connections. Joe Burrow who started as a Buckeye before heading to the Bayou, along with Chase Young and Jeff Okudah.)

Good on Mekhi. Apparently he worked his buttocks off under the current Cardinal staff.

(Though not entirely off. Becton is one huge individual. I couldn’t help but notice the girth of his father, when the draft night coverage showed the family celebrating the good news.)

I understand it’s the new way of doing things. But it saddened me when he chose not to participate in the Cards’ Music City Bowl encounter with Mississippi State.

But, it seems to have worked out well for all. U of L throttled its SEC foe in NashVegas, 38-28. Becton “won” the NFL Combine with his speed and foot work, ending up the third offensive lineman chosen.

Let’s hope we get to watch him play come September.

 * * * * *

I’m normally nonplussed by grad transfers, the addition of which means the school where they land had holes to fill.

But, like draft eligible pigskinners who skip bowl games, moving on to play a senior season someplace new, is what’s happenin’ these days.

Former Radford Highlander PG Carlik Jones is considered by several who consider such things for a living as the best transfer in the portal.

(Aside: I swear Radford was an all girls school when I matriculated to college in Virginia in the early 60s.)

I’m frankly more intrigued by Charles Minlend Jr., who used to be a San Francisco Don.

(A Don is what they used to call, or maybe still call, a Spanish noble.)

(If you’re thinking all these little, nonsensical asides are a way of filling space, you win the 11th edition of the Jeopardy Take Home Board Game.)

Anyhow, I’ve watched videos of Minlend. He has what we refer to in the biz as a “high motor.”

Can’t wait — I mean I really really really can’t wait — to see him on the hardwood in a Cardinal uni.

 * * * * *

OK, I know I can only keep your attention for so long, while writing stuff that has zero consequence.

But, I do have a tip how to fill the void. Sorta.

Watch replays of games on TV or the interweb, where you don’t know or don’t remember the outcome. It makes them more interesting.

I actually watched golf the other day, a final round of the Masters. Which somewhat intrigued me, until it became obvious who won.

And the lesson was learned again the other evening when the World Wide Leader was airing the classic ’95 AL Division series finale between the Mariners and Yankees.

I knew how it came out, so I surfed about and came upon a Washington Capitals/ Columbus Blue Jackets NHL game. Which I can assure you I knew absolute zero about.

Oh my, whatever have we wrought?

— c d kaplan



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  1. I am so bored, I watched the entire NFL draft last night and I didn’t have a single prop bet riding…golly gee…let’s get this over!

  2. Props to you, Mr.Joyner. I watched four picks, then set the DVR, went back to something on Prime, came back later, skipped forwarded to Mehki’s selection, then shut it down fairly quickly thereafter. But I have to say, seeing some of these kids at home with their families, it was apparent and somewhat touching, how life-changing, perhaps generational-changing those moments were when they were selected.

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