Cardinal Hoops Queries: The What Ifs?

Just musing about my beloved Louisville Cardinal hoopsters on a hot summer’s day.

What if Peck Hickman decided to stay at Valley High School?

What if UCLA had hired the coach who won that ’48 NAIB title, instead of the one who lost?

What if Hickman hadn’t been savvy enough to invite NIT decision maker Ned Irish to be the speaker at the annual banquet?

What if U of L didn’t conquer Evanston in ’59?

What if the Cards had beaten West Virginia and Cincy or Cal in the ’59 Final Four?

What if John Turner had netted that jumper against Ohio State in ’61?

What if Wes Unseld had gone to UK?

What if Peck Hickman hadn’t retired before the ’67-’68 season?

What if the Cards controlled that last second jump ball against SMU in ’67 and scored?

What if John Dromo didn’t have to retire because of health issues?

What if interim coach Howard Stacey won five of his last seven in ’71 instead of losing them?

What if Denny Crum said no?

What if Denny Crum hadn’t recruited Pete Trgovich while still at UCLA, and not seen his teammate Junior Bridgeman play?

What if the Cards had played the Cats for the ’75 national title?

What if Larry Williams hadn’t broken his leg?

What if the Cards had beaten Arkansas in ’79?

What if Tony Branch wasn’t up to the moment in ’80?

What if Kiki VanDeWeghe had made the breakaway layup?

What if US Reed . . . (Oh, I can’t even finish the sentence)?

What if that last second tip hadn’t fallen against Arkansas in the ’83 regional semis?

What if the The Dream Game was a nightmare?

What if Milt Wagner had graduated on time in ’85?

What if Billy Thompson had played his entire career like his senior season?

What if Pervis Ellison wasn’t the only one to see Jeff Hall had thrown up an air ball?

What if Wade and son Allen Houston hadn’t gone to Rocky Top?

What if Denny Crum had adapted sooner to the three point shot?

What if Rick Pitino had taken the Michigan job?

What if Larry O’Bannon hadn’t come up so big against West Virginia?

What if Rick Pitino wasn’t distracted in ’09?

What if Rick Pitino had been dismissed after the Sypher affair?

What if Rick Pitino had run off Russ Smith?

What if Rick Pitino had paid more attention to some of the assistants he hired later in his stay?

What if U of L hadn’t been asked to join the ACC?

What if U of L didn’t melt down against Virginia?

What if David Padgett proved he had head coaching acumen?

What if U of L hadn’t folded against Duke?

What if Chris Mack decided to stay at Xavier?

— c d kaplan

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