Seedy K Q & A: Coach Satt and the Cards Future

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Seedy, long time reader, first time questioner. If Scott Satterfield stays at U of L, can the Cards turn into the next Clemson? — Amos Alonzo Kragthorpe

That surname sounds soooooo familiar, have we met?

Anyhow, the quick answer is Yes.

Caveats to follow.

Funny you should ask. I was reading an article just the other day at one of the too many sports sites I devour daily, and a reader asked the same if not as specific question of a true college pigskin expert.

I’ve long been of the opinion that U of L is properly poised to move into the upper echelon. In fact’s college football editor Stewart Mandel years ago placed Louisville in a category by itself, when categorizing the tiers of programs nationally.

What he said was something like, if everything fell in place, U of L could find itself among the Ohio States and Alabamas on a regular basis.

Obviously things haven’t evolved in that direction quite as much as Cardinal fans would hope.

I thought ascendency was a real probability in the 90s, but Howard Schnellenberger proved he didn’t really see the future of college football, and jumped ship before the new stadium he willed into existence was completed.

Even though AD Tom Jurich was fostering a national identity by playing any night of the week on national TV, John L. Smith made the same mistake, moving on for a short, eventually unsuccessful run at Michigan State.

And Bobby Petrino I, when he frankly was “The Next Great Coach,” fell prey to his innate wanderlust. Though he’s such a nasty putz, he would have blown it somehow, had he actually stayed the first time around.

Now Louisville’s in the ACC. Louisville has a president, who has ethics, and believes in and understands the importance of big time intercollegiate athletics.

Louisville’s got a coach, Scott Satterfield, who by most every measuring stick, appears up to the task.

If he can recruit.

If he can maintain some staff continuity.

And if all who matter stay patient.

Dabo Swinney had a losing debut season, and the faithful were calling for his head. “Clemsoning” became a thing and the faithful were calling for his head. The school stayed the course.

Dabo has also benefitted from the continuing presence of an eminent DC, Brent Venables, who, like Bud Foster did for Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech, stuck around. Eventually, in the last couple years, Clemson’s recruiting has been ranked Top Ten.

So, I repeat, it is doable for the Cardinals and Scott Satterfield.

If a Cardinal can win the Heisman — an unfathomable development until Lamar Jackson was pressing that trophy against his Cardinal red tux jacket — Louisville can become a legitimate regular in the BCS conversation.

If, unlike his predecessors, Coach Satt doesn’t run off, when, say, the Tar Heels Mack Brown retires. If he can keep his staff relatively intact for consistency. If he eventually can woo the **** and some ***** to the Belknap Campus.

 * * * * *

Seedy, Fighting Irish fan here. What in the name of Gerry Faust does “combinatorial optimization” have to with Notre Dame football? — Knute Hornung

Research has revealed that it is a term that means something like “developing the best outcome from a set of finite possibilities.”

Apparently Notre Dame partnered with some think tank to try to figure out a way to get the most number of fans in the stands on Football Saturdays.

Combinatorial Optimization was their guide.

I’ve read a report that their computers spit out a plan, allowing 20% capacity, with students getting first priority.

But, like everything else, that could change before kickoff.

The stands were empty in Annapolis last weekend, and it was just weird.

From your name, Knute, I’m guessing you might be what we called back at the frat house, a “legacy.” Use your influence. Or sneak in that entrance that only insiders know about.

 * * * * *

Seedy, do you watch Footie? — Crocodile Furiosa

You bet.

Just this morning, with a cup o’ joe, I caught a bit of the Richmond Tigers 57-31 dismantlement of the Geelong Cats

 * * * * *

Seedy, do you think the Big Ten, and maybe the PAC-12 will change their minds and move up their seasons? — Howard “Hopalong” Heisman

Because there are few forces as insistent as scorned Wolverine, Husker and Buckeye fans, who had their tailgate menus planned out by Independence Day, there’s been a constant cry for reconsideration.

At least in the Midwest. On the Left Coast, they are just hoping to put out the fires, a significantly more pressing issue, as perilous perhaps as the virus.

Were I a betting man, which I am not, despite my immediate reaction above to your question, I’d say, yes. Ryan Day will have his way.

Guess: October 24.

— Seedy K

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  1. SVP was selling this last night. Said Ohio high schools are playing. U of Cincy is playing. Other schools in Ohio are playing. He went on to say that the B10 never gave a “cogent” reason for not playing.

    Sure Ryan Day wants to play but fact is, if there’s a big outbreak as a result of playing games, he won’t take any heat or have to deal with the community-wide mess.

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