Seedy K Q&A: C-ham’s Name, Lamar’s Lament, Mumme Lives +

Faux questions. Real answers. Sorta.

Is this post just a lame excuse to display that portrait of you as a Cardinal football player?  — Bronco “Too Loose” Lautrec

Dang. Busted right outta the box. Exposed for the narcissist I am.

Well, yes, truth be told.

As some of my readers might remember, my good friend Wendy Parkhurst, Louisville’s leading portrait artist, gave me a similar oil mashup of my head on a Cardinal hoopster’s body as a gift for my birthday a few years back.

Which I use periodically at the top of columns. For branding purposes, don’t ya know, under advice of my web guru.

But it just didn’t fit, if I weighed in on pigskin. So, I implored her to work her magic again. And, frankly, to expedite it, since who knows how long this football season will last.

So, she fit me in her schedule. And, given the backlog of commissions Artist Parkhurst is working on, it only cost me half my IRA.

But, hey, what price glory?

What’s the deal with Malik Cunningham changing his name to Micale, then back to Malik?. — Peyton “Snake” Namath

I believe it had something to do with family, but I really don’t know. Which doesn’t mean I won’t weigh in anyway.

In a sports world where Lloyd Free changed his to World B. Free, Ron Artest changed his to Metta World Peace, Chad Johnson to Chad Ochocinco and Brian Williams to Bison Dele, it’s really not that big a deal.

It’s his name. And he didn’t change it to a character in Teen Wolf as Greg White did, when he became Stylez B. White.

As stats guru Kelly Dickey pointed, Cunningham’s record was better as Micale. So who knows what the future holds.

I’m sticking with M Cunningham, in case I miss the news of any further switches.

What’s up with Lamar Jackson against the Chiefs and rival Patrick Mahomes?  — Bronco Brady

Bottom line. As freak an athlete as the former Louisville Cardinal Heisman winner is — best in the league, and one of the best ever — his QB skills simply aren’t as good as Mahomes.


As much as Jackson’s throwing accuracy has improved as a pro, Jim Harbaugh still doesn’t call for a lot of long throws downfield.

Mahomes is simply better now.  Better than Lamar and every other QB in the league. The Chiefs are better. Better than the Ravens, and every other team in the league.

How about some props for my men Mike Leach and Hal Mumme?  — Claude Bassett

Well, I’ll be.

Claude Bassett, former UK football fixer, I lost track of you years ago after your up and down tenure as coach for the Robstown (TX) HS Cotton Pickers.

What are you up to these days, my man?

Yes, after Mississippi State’s KJ Costello threw for six zillion yards in the school’s upset at LSU, Leach and his mentor Mumme are getting a lot of ink.

Let’s see what happens as the season progresses.

— c d kaplan