Louisville CardFile: Boston College


Snared in the trap of genetic verbosity, I usually have too many words to offer about the Cardinals on the gridiron, hardwood or diamond. That aspect of my character is entwined in the helix of my DNA.

Not today.

Not about Saturday’s defeat in Chestnut Hill to Boston College.

First of all, U of L should have been at home yesterday, playing arch rival Kentucky for the Governor’s Cup, in front of a rabid throng at Cardinal Stadium.

With a victory, it would have made this oddest of seasons, a weird, sad campaign really, worthwhile. Beat the Big Blue and all else would have been set aside.

But, in its infinite wisdom, the Southeastern Conference decided to keep its strain of the COVID to itself. League games only.

Then the ACC, like the other leagues, changed and rearranged its slate. If all had been normal, the Cardinals’ trip to South Bend would have been last weekend, not earlier, when Louisville played surely its best game of the season in a narrow defeat to the Irish.

So, that worked out for the better. Not much else has.

 * * * * *

A sign of how it was going to play out in Chestnut Hill came on the second play from scrimmage. On 1st & 10 at the Eagles 38, Hassan Hall broke free, made a nice cut, and had nothing but green between himself and paydirt.

He tripped and fell at the 17.

Louisville stalled in the Red Zone, settling for a FG.

It was to be that kind of day.

Cardinals slipped.

Cardinals slopped.

Cardinals gave it away.

Boston College did just enough to keep U of L’s measure. Led in the end by a reserve QB, who will be able one day to regale his grandkids how he got the better of Louisville two years in a row.

 * * * * *

As has been the case since Scott Satterfield arrived, the team was game.

Louisville never stopped competing. Kudos to the Cardinals.

Which, frankly, is all fans should ever ask of their favorites.

 * * * * *

Louisville’s next game is scheduled three weeks on.

Wake Forest.

Who has any idea if the game will actually be contested?

If it is, Cardinal fans will watch.

Cardinal fans will cheer their school.

Cardinal fans will be grateful at its conclusion, win or lose, that this slog of a season in a year all of us can’t wait to move on from will be over.

— c d kaplan