Seedy K’s Postseason Pigskin Ponderings

One thing I gotta ask before closing the door with the final tally of my regular pigskin prognostications.

I know you’re waiting with bated breath for that update. Patience.

If you guessed the Galloping Ghost, yes, it’s Red Grange in the pic above. Here’s why.

Because I am so sure he’s wondering why his alma mammy Illinois, in need of yet another new football coach after Lovie Smith couldn’t get it done in Champaign-Urbana, went back to Jake’s Discount Used Hub Cap Repair & Tire Recapping Center for yet another retread?

Brett Bielema?

Did they learn nothing with Ron Zook?

 * * * * *

As for the final weekend of the regular season, I correctly picked Oregon, Cincy and Clemson. Missed on Iowa State, which, despite the L to Oklahoma, were bestowed Indiana’s deserving spot in a NY6 bowl.

The game I was looking forward to the most — Coastal Carolina vs. Louisiana — went the way of the COVID for the umpteenth time.

3-1-1 puts me at 50-27-8 for the year.

Not bad for the curiousest season since back when the bowls fought over teams, then some winners of those argued over who was The Real #1. Back in the Pilocene Epoch.

 * * * * *

Now’s about the time annually when I regale my readers with the latest from my love/hate relationship with Joey the Vig.

He’s the made guy who runs a bowl pool I enter more often than not, and have actually won a couple times.

Seems Joey’s taking the year off.

Which I learned from the Vig himself. A rarity.

Usually I call the number, give some guy who says his name is Randy my number, and list my teams. But this time, “Randy” was kind enough to get the Vig to call me back himself.

From his yacht somewhere off the Amalfi coast.

“So, Joey, what’s with the Bowl Pool?”

“You kiddin’ me, Mr. Seedywhatever?

“I’m supposed to make sense of a game between South Carolina — they ain’t even gotta coach — and whoever they’re playing in the Pay Your Mortgage Bowl?

* My chat with the Vig was before the Gamecocks caught the COVID and had to opt out of their trip to Tampa. I doubt it will be the first forced abdication. 


“But, Joey, how are we supposed to actually watch Arkansas vs. TCU without some action?”

“Deal with it, kid.

“I gotta go. Darlenia’s callin’ my name. And if Joey don’t come when Darlenia calls, Joey sleeps in a separate stateroom, if you get my drift.”


In a year when App State played in a bowl three days after its last game, I guess Joey taking the year off makes as much sense as anything else.

 * * * * *

Speaking of bowl season, are we supposed to feel sorry for ESPN , which “owns” most of the too many games, because there aren’t enough teams to fill the slots?

Uh, no.

A few years ago, I finally came to terms with the too many bowls, figuring it was simply an added game for schools that won at least as many as they lost.

Players get to participate in BBQ eating contests. Fans get to spend the holidays in beauteous Shreveport. Coaches like the extra practice.

All good except that, but for the big ones, schools lose money. Because they’re obligated by the blazers who run these affairs to buy a block of tickets, which eats up any “guarantee.”

It’ll be interesting to see if this year’s skewed situation changes the pigskin post season dynamic in any meaningful way?

 * * * * *

Well, there’s always Christmas Day.

Nothing says “let’s wassail” like Marshall vs. Buffalo in the Camellia Bowl.

— c d kaplan