Hump Day Hustle: QBs x 3, Sound of Silence ++

So, yeah, it’s Thurby, not The Day Before.

Mea friggin’ culpa.

Feel free to employ your barrister at the bar and file a Cause of Action.

  * * * * *

What’s your name/ Is it Mary or Sue/ What’s your name/ Do I stand a chance with you?

Wonder what Don and Juan are up to these days?

Anyway, former Cardinal star/ Heisman winner Lamar Jackson is approached on the street by a stranger. The guy says, “You’re a football player?” Or, something to that effect.

Jackson, as I’ve said many times before, is a really nice guy, ever engaging, tells the fellow he’ll give him a hundred bucks if he can say his name.

The guy makes a couple of wrong guesses about what position Mr. I Am A Quarterback might play.

LJ gives him the Benjamin anyway.

Speaking of former beloved U of L signal callers, Teddy B is house hunting in a new locale yet again. Late of Tobacco Road, he’s off to the Rockies to play under the watchful eyes of John Elway.

For which services, the Broncos gave away a 6th round draft pick.

Sixth Round?

Bridgewater, probably more beloved as a Cardinal than Jackson though less talented, has fashioned a steady if peripatetic career in the NFL.

Injury prone. Not the greatest arm strength.

But, the Ultimate Gamer. (And, I’m not talking Madden on a digital device.) And Good People. Which qualities of character have inured to his benefit and career longevity, despite the flaws in his game.

But really, 6th Round?

Which brings me to the last nuggetoid of info about our trio of snap takers.

Checked in on former future U of L star, Chubba Purdy. You know, the last minute abdicator, who headed to Seminole Country.

Was it some Tallahassee Lassie from down in F L A, who turned his head?

Wonder what Freddie Boom Boom Cannon is up to these days?

Anyway, Purdy, who does not fall into the beloved category by Cardinal fans, is sitting at the #4 spot on the Florida State QB depth chart.

All together now: Awwwwwww!

  * * * * *

Speaking of pigskin, this spring’s kind of “It” team is Lane Kiffin’s Ole Miss Rebels.

Which contingent happens to be the opening week foe for Louisville in September.

Meet you at The Varsity for a pregame burger.

Do fries come with that shake?

 * * * * *

I remain curious about the quietude coming from U of L’s hoops offices.

What really happened with Luke Murray and Dino Gaudio? And, what are they up to these days?

Who is going to fill the last assistant coach position?

Just as important, what direction is Chris Mack going to take in filling that final roster spot?

With Carlik Jones gone, Louisville could certainly use a true PG.

But, with Malik Williams history of injury, and the questions about Roosevelt Wheeler’s talent and injury situation, the Cards also need another legitimate Big.

Cannot wait to find out.

What I will say about U of L’s coach, he’s done a better than average job during his stint at Louisville, harvesting the transfer portal. That acumen is especially pertinent given the new dynamic of college moving about.

 * * * * *

Not that it means anything whatsoever, except to hoopaholics like me, there’s this.

Joey Brackets projects the Cards as an #8 seed, playing Arizona in the Next Dance. Winner to meet, probably, Kansas. The other #1s are UCLA, Alabama and Gonzaga. Arch rival is a #5 seed.

 * * * * *

OK, one more rant and I’m outta here.

Something I’m really really ready to put in the rear view mirror.

Announcers calling games from their home office, instead of being at the stadium or ballyard or gym or pitch.

I understand why that was the way during the pandemic shutdown.

I remember thinking, the networks are going to realize this saves them lots of money, and it may become the norm. So it seems to be.

I know, after covering the Cards from afar recently, it ain’t the same. You get no real feel for the action and timbre of the proceedings.

Hope I’m wrong about my hunch.

— c d kaplan