Hump Day Hustle: Hoopaholism; Price of Fandom ++

This is not a regular meeting of Hoopaholics Anonymous, but I need to vent. So I shall.

My name is Seedy K, and I’m a hoopaholic.

I’m a lifelong Louisville Cardinal fan.

I understand that change and transition is more prevalent — rampant even — in DI basketball than ever. Only three schools, I’m advised, haven’t had a player enter the Portal. UCLA, Michigan and one other.

Assistant coaches are scattering about.

And, I realize that at U of L the moves have been explicable — DJ to the pros, Nickelberry to LaSalle — as well as inexplicable — Malik Williams returning — and mysterious, i.e. the nature of the situation where the contracts of Luke Murray and Dino Gaudio weren’t renewed.

There is turmoil throughout my most favorite sport. I accept it and understand it, even if I’m old school enough to really not like it. It’s not only here with my team.

I also understand that matters really won’t settle down at U of L until the entire NCAA quicksand is a thing of the past.

That said, there’s something about the Quinn Slazinski abdication that doesn’t settle OK with me. Not talking about the kid. He has the right to do what he wants. All the more power to him.

It’s just that he really started turning into the type of player every successful team absolutely positively has to have. He was solid. He hustled. He dove for loose balls. He crashed the boards. He made good decisions. He was taking advantage of all his skills, and learning how to compensate for those he doesn’t possess.

I want Quinn Slazinski to be a U of L Cardinal.

And now he’s not.

The upcoming winters of our discontent are appearing ever more bleak.

 * * * * *

Speaking of that Portal thingie, I read a subjective ranking of the schools that have most benefited.

Louisville didn’t crack the Top 20.

Arch Rival, also replacing two assistants as U of L is, was, sigh, atop the list.

 * * * * *

A big time Card fanatic checked in with me today about the Bowen situation, wondering what it will mean for the Cards that they can’t find the check(s)?

I dunno.

I just want it over, regardless of what happens.

But I was reading this morning about the Bowen/ Adidas lawsuit. In the response to a Request for Admission, the shoe company admitted that it paid the family of Zion Williamson, $3000/ month. While he was still a prepster.

Corey Maggette lives.

 * * * * *

Some good news.

There’s an article at ESPN’s website, which ranks the schools in the ACC, which have the best recruiting advantages.

Duke and North Carolina were obviously Tier One.

Leading Tier Two was the University of Louisville. With UVa and Syracuse next in the hierarchy.

 * * * * *

I am a huge sports fan.


Before reading any news or anything else with my morning java, I peruse several sports websites. Even before checking with FB to learn which new comely young lasses, with no mutual friends, want to hook up with me at Mr. Zuckerberg’s.

That’s how strong my love is.

Other than the Louisville Cardinals, you might wonder, whom do I root for?

The teams from Motown, my birthplace. Though my connection to Detroit is tenuous, since we moved to Derbyplace when I was three years old.

Still I root for the Tigers. And the Red Wings. And the Pistons. And the Lions.

I own at least eight pieces of apparel, heralding my fandom. Mostly Tigers stuff. But my favorite is a throwback Red Wings jersey. I think they might call them sweaters???

But it’s hard times for all those teams. Has been for awhile, since the Tigers were swept by the Giants in the Series, when the staff included Verlander, Scherzer, Price, and Porcello.

Here’s one typical day, checking the scores.

Tigers drop a double header to the ChiSox, 1-3 and 0-11.

Red Wings fall to Carolina, 1-3.

Pistons lose to Dallas, 105-115.

The Lions did well in the draft, so the Mel Kipers of the world say, but that’s on the if come.

Can I get some help here? Please.

 * * * * *

Remember how I decried my displeasure over announcers calling games from their homes, instead of the venue where the game is actually being contested?

Well, during U of L’s Must Win win over #2 Vandy Tuesday, color announcer Chris Burke from his home — here in Louisville I believe — kidded with play by play guy Dave Neal.

“All our games this season are home games.”

— c d kaplan

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