Nightmare on Floyd Street, Part ??

So, this is what Roman Numerated sequel to this series, Part IV?

Let’s see. Yeah, that’s right. Sypher. Stripper. Bowen. Gaudio.

One of the cottage industries I’ve embarked upon since my retirement from the Bar, is reviewing films for public radio, a dalliance really, but I take it seriously.

I choose never to view or review slasher or horror flicks. The last one I believe I saw was “Macabre” in ’58, a William Castle movie, where you got a $1500 life insurance policy in case you died of a heart attack during the showing. My 13 year old pals and I sat in the balcony and laughed our way through the whole thing. To the annoyance of others in attendance.

OK, I did see “Psycho.” Anyway, get to the point, c d, I hate such fare, am not entertained a bit.

I couldn’t tell you the difference between “Saw” and “A Quiet Place,” between Freddy Krueger and that guy standing by the chainsaws in that TV commercial, where the dunderheaded HS kids don’t get in the running auto and escape.

But, as a lifelong close observer of U of L sports, I can’t take my eyes off the screen, when yet another of these Cardinal dumpster fire plotlines premieres.

It’s getting oh so so very old.

This week, it was the filing of his Sentencing Memorandum, by Dino Gaudio’s attorney.

There is no reason to rehash all the sordid details of this ongoing nightmare.

Dino Gaudio seems to be the villain in the minds of most Louisville faithful. Frankly, it’s not so clear that’s entirely the case. There’s plenty of blame to go around. Including, obviously, to Gaudio, who has pled Guilty. Literally.

Yet, I do have a couple of questions, after reading the whole Federal District Court filing.

Why wouldn’t Chris Mack handle the situation in a manner befitting his longstanding relationship with his assistant and friend?

Why did Chris Mack tape that meeting with Gaudio?

Why wouldn’t Chris Mack meet with Gaudio the next day?

And the query that causes me the most confusion: Given the precarious state of the program, who made the absolutely dunderheaded decision to take this matter to the Feds, to the DA’s office?

Mack alone? Doubt it. Vince Tyra? Tyra and President Bendapudi? University counsel? Whoever.

How friggin’s stupid was that?

Really friggin’ stupid!!!

It just makes me so very dejected.

When I read comments by those outside of Jefferson County to any  story these days about Cardinal hoops, one absolute always shows up. There are many college basketball fans across the land, perhaps a majority, who consider U of L an outlaw school, with the dirtiest program in the game.

Oh, for the days, when the worst look for U of L basketball, was Denny Crum in a double knit leisure suit.

— c d kaplan


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