Those Hits Just Keep on Comin’

So, yeah, I was just about to open up my writing app early Friday afternoon, keyboard in some fluff about the Cards, how some national scribes are looking at U of L football, a sweet moment for Cardinal hoops icon Angel McCoughtry and then . . .

. . . oh, if you’re reading this, you know already.

I should have known something untoward was going to happen sooner, rather than later.

I’d just watched this week’s episode of the most always heartening series, “Ted Lasso.” Even though the Nelson Roaders upset my favorite EPL team Tottenham, in the quarters of the FA Cup, this edition was way more melancholy than most.

Coach Beard’s romantic situation.

Becca Welton’s fraught relationship with her mum.

And ever bubbly Ted Lasso’s anxiety attack in the middle of the game against the Hotspur.

Then, boom, yet another explosion on Floyd Street.

The ongoing travails of Louisville Cardinal basketball are gifts that just keep on giving.

Yet another virtual Vince Tyra press conference to follow.

Honest, it was just yesterday literally when I was daydreaming wistfully about a joyous hoops memory. A friend passing through Indy posted a photo on Facebook of her and her beau at Shapiro’s. I thought back to MW Regional in ’89 at the Dome, when the Cards advanced to the Final Four by winning the Arkansas State title. The Professor and I sandwiched five meals at our favorite deli during the two game days.

Latke Toxic Shock Syndrome was well worth it.

It is so so so long ago. So far away.

I have no intention of weighing in on the Chris Mack suspension. I’ve said my piece on the situation several times.

I’ve got nothing new to add to the colloquy.

I am a Louisville Cardinal fan. Since I was seven years old. It’s way too late to stop now.

I shall anxiously await the seasons, and root for my team until the Great Scorer comes to call.

But, damn, I just wish it would stop.

 * * * * *

Let’s talk some football.

As I’ve mentioned, I read too much sports coverage every morning with my three cups of coffee.

Here’s the range of expectations for U of L from several national pigskin scribes.

The not so good. Chris Vannini at ranked all 130 major teams. He projects the Cards at #66. Which is as close as a school can be to middle of the pack, literally, without actually being there.

For the arithmetically challenged: 130 divided in half = 65.

The more hopeful counterpoint from the same site comes from college football editor Stewart Mandel, a long time fan of Scott Satterfield. He projects the Cardinals to finish 2d in the ACC Atlantic, behind the Dabos. 5-3 in the league. 8-4 overall.

Hmm, that projection seems sooooo familiar.

Over at, Heather Dinich places U of L in the tier named “Power 5 schools Not Ready for the Big Stage.”

At the same site, a couple experts, apparently with word requirements on their contracts to fill, weighed in with bowl projections. Like the bracketology for football.

Mark Schlabach slots the Cardinals against Navy, on the Middies field, in the Armed Forces Bowl.

While Kyle Bonagura, an observer with a snarky sense of humor, it would seem, sees Louisville battling South Carolina in the Gasparilla Bowl.

Hmm. Think Coach Satt will get some queries about that dalliance?

 * * * * *

As for Ms. Angel, she now plays for the Las Vegas Aces. OK, she’s on the squad after toiling for Atlanta most of her pro career, but sidelined with an ACL.

The Aces visited the Dream this week. Coach Bill Laimbeer, putting on display a touchy feely side few figured him to have, put McCoughtry on the court for the final few seconds. She stood in the corner, missed a shot.

A lovely gesture, appreciated by all in attendance.

— c d kaplan


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