Card Fans’ Hope Springs, Uh . . .

I’ve always been of the belief, if you can’t have some optimism about your favorite team’s chances before the season starts, when can you?

That’s what this time of year just before kickoff is about.

Especially with the transfer portal, adding new blood. Some new coaches to add a fresh perspective. Natural development of returning players. Etc, etc.

Plus, last year, one guy’s opinion, is simply a throwaway. Nothing was normal.

Which brings me to a poll they ran at, the purpose of which was to gauge the sense of optimism of the nation’s college football fanbases.

Apparently, they got a reasonable sampling of responses from the loyal followers of 62 institutions of higher learning. Including the Red & Black Faithful.

The good news is, enough followers of the Cards responded to the poll.

The rest of the story.

U of L fans are the most pessimistic.

That’s right, #62, right down there at the bottom of the list.

27% of U of L’s fans have hope. 73% are pessimistic.


The flip side is also relevant. At least as relevant as fans’ expectations are.

Atop the list with 100% optimism.


Arch Rival.

And, Louisville’s opening game foe, Ole Miss.

— c d kaplan