Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week II

Could I have asked for a better set up?

Uh, no.

There were two stories that blasted above all others from Week I.

Other than this imperative. Don’t open with Alabama.

Never. Ever. Never ever. !!!

The first is, we love dogs.

Abby, a service labradoodle belonging to some Cardinal fans, stole the show Monday night, while Ole Miss was manhandling, ya know, that team whose name slips my mind right now. (OK, more about that a few paragraphs down.)

As for Abby, I fell in love, of course, because as I’ve mentioned several times as a way of grieving, my ex- and I just had to put down our beagle, named Abbey.

I know, the “e” in there makes no sense, but when I was chipping her, I inexplicably threw it in. Beatles? I dunno. What I do know is spellcheck hasn’t caught on yet.

Anyway, to honor the Abb(e)ys, henceforth, should I use the phrase, “playing like dogs,” it shall be meant as a positive. As in free spirited, energetic. Engaged. Willing to take risks. Go anywhere to get that bone.

If dogs run free, why can’t we.

The second best story is, duh, McKenzie Milton.

I’ve had a serious, almost lost my leg, too many surgeries leg injury. The recovery was a couple years long and arduous. I was glad to be able to jog again. Playing football, can’t imagine.

Anyway, all of that is to say: That after last weekend’s less than boffo predictioneering, I’m ready to ruuuuuuumble!

You wanna comeback? Check out the sure thing results set out below.

There is one epistemological matter unresolved. I missed on Indiana — Ouch! — and Louisiana. And I picked U of L to beat the Johnny Rebs.

But, the Cards did win the 2d half.

So, is it fair to consider that pick 50% correct?

Alright, I hear you. I was wrong. It’s an L.

Two right. Three wrong. 5-4 for the season.

But, like that Seminole QB, I shall return.

This week’s selections:

Memphis State @ Arkansas State.  Why on earth with all the featured games this weekend, like the Quack visiting the Horseshoe, and the CyHawk battle (which oughta be played at the Field of Dreams), am I considering this meaningless tussle between a couple of no names? Well, because of that. For some reason, it just makes me smile that the Beale Streeters are going to be left out of the Big 12 expansion. Outside looking in at former rivals, Cincy and U of L, who are now or soon will be P5. I know I shouldn’t be like that. Can’t help myself. Plus I get to call them Memphis State in print. Hee Hee. In the opener, the Tigers ran over FCS Nicholls, but needed 5 FGs. Real Frosh QB Seth Henigan, 4th on the depth chart when practice started, led the way. And, if the question is, where is Butch Jones these days, the answer would be Jonesboro, Ark. In the battle of vicious felines, the Red Wolves protect their lair.

North Carolina State @ Mississippi State. Is there a more intriguing mentor in college pigskin than Mike Leach? OK, maybe. But, he sure is fascinating, and keeps landing jobs, with but a better than average but not seriously scintillating W/L overall record. When he and counterpart Lane WhatshisCOVID landed in the Delta, they were expected to vie neck and neck for supremacy. Leach is losing. And his Bulldogs needed a 4th Q rally of consequence to best Louisiana Tech in their opener. Meanwhile the Wolfpack, kinda an ACC dark horse, whooped up 45-0 on former future power South Florida. They win again in StarkVegas, though it will be closer.

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee. Ah yes, another ACC/ SEC matchup, the Jackie Sherrill Bowl. The former head guy at Pitt, was an assistant once upon a time to Johnny Majors, when he coached there. In fact, this series has been dubbed the Johnny Majors Classic, since he starred in the single wing for Gen. Bob Neyland at Rocky Top. Pat Narduzzi’s Panthers shredded hapless UMass in their opener. Orange beat Bowling Green in Josh Heupel’s debut along the Knoxville sideline. This week however, like their brethren above, the Vols learn the ACC isn’t totally chopped liver.

Missouri @ Kentucky. Will Levis threw a pick with his first toss in Wildcat blue. A confident sort, he was seen laughing about it on the sideline. Louisiana Monroe scored, for their first lead over a foe since the Eisenhower administration. Or so it seems. Then the Cats did what they were supposed to do. The Penn State transfer can play. New OC Liam Coen can call plays. UK is formidable. Mizzou says Show Me your new O. Cats do.

Eastern Kentucky @ Louisville. Cards get in a workout, before Central Florida comes a callin’ next weekend.

— c d kaplan