Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VII

As I should have known, having matriculated at Longfellow Elementary and all, the game would be won by land.

Silversmith Revere must be oh so very proud.

The Old North Church, one must assume, was bathed in UMass maroon Saturday night.

In the epic battle of last weekend against winless rival Connecticut, the previously winless Minutemen of the University of Massachusetts gobbled up 251 yards over land, and prevailed.

Oh, how very wrong I was about that one, having picked the Huskies. (And, yes, I know it was the Brits, of whom the patriots wanted to know attack strategy, not the vice versa. Dramatic license exemption used.)

The losers shall seek their first victory in forever this weekend against the Eli of Yale. Tis a game you shall not see predicticated below.

Texas is one of the few schools last set of games who, like the U of L Cardinals, gave up way way way too many points in the 4th, losing a battle they should have won. So, I missed those also.

The Wildcats and Wolverines did prevail. But, at 2-3 for Saturday, my sweetest run since capturing Joey the Vig’s Bowl Pool in consecutive years (ATS, I’ll have you know) is OVER!

Yet, I remain a lofty 22-12 for the season.

And, like the patriots awaiting in Lexington and Concord and Medford and all their fellow Middlesex townies, I forge ahead, assured I have truth, justice and the American Way on my side.

This week’s winners:

Michigan State @ Indiana. Here’s the yin and yang of expectation  vs. performance in microcosm. At least the B10 edition of that microscopic examination. Little was expected in YII of the Mel Tucker Era in East Lansing, after his 2-5 COVID campaign debut. Yet here Sparty sits, in the Top Ten at 6-0 (3-0). Though none of the Ws shriek “ascending powerhouse.” The flip side is IU, of whom much was expected. The injury-plagued Hoosiers have been bashed by the three significant foes they’ve played, all like State among the nation’s elite. So, after this one, will the Crimson & Cream faithful be mothballing their Isenbarger throwback jerseys, and pulling their candystriped pants off the shelf and start chanting Mike Woodson’s name as a mantra? Yes.

Brigham Young @ Baylor. The Mormons handled the alphabetic beginning of their schedule in fine fashion, besting Arizona in the opener, as well as significantly more formidable Arizona State, 27-17. They also know how to handle their Us. Utah, USF and Utah State have all fallen prey to the Cougars. The Bs have proven more nettlesome. So far. BYU fell to Boise State last time out. Now journey to Waco to tackle Baylor. Whose Bears are showing signs of studmuffiness. The Youngsters get belushied by another Killer B.

Oklahoma State @ Texas. How about them Cowboyz? The Cowboys remain undefeated. Including impressive Ws over aforementioned Baylor and Boise State. Guess they were paying attention after teach moved on from A. Plus they handled always tough Kansas State. The question for the Longhorns is whether they peaked at the end of the 1st Q of the Red River Rivalry. When they were up 28-7. That 19 point L at Arkansas seemed an aberration at that juncture. Then they surrendered to the Sooners, giving up 25 in the 4th, and lost. What version of the Burnt Orange shows up Saturday? The Good One. Coach Mullet has a bad hair day.

North Carolina State @ Boston College. No ACC school will make it into the Final Four. Hear me now and believe me later, even Wake Forest should they somehow stay undefeated. Which they will not. Yet the league is tougher than it’s been in years. Thanks in part to the grit and determination of these two 4-1 squads. Sexy they might not be, but the gangs of Jeff Hafley and Dave Doeren are tough outs. Especially in conference play. The Eagles will be competing in the friendly confines of Alumni Stadium in Chestnut Hill. Which gives them enough edge for the W.

Kentucky @ Georgia. To be frank about it, this is not the game that will provide true insight into the future of this edition of the Kentucky Wildcats. Unless, in the unlikely event they prevail. Which they will not. The Bulldogs have their mojo woikin’, and they’ve been whompin’ teams upaside o’ the head. Their D’s like, I dunno, the collegiate equivalent of the ’85 Bears. So the Cats chances are slim. What shall be most telling will be how Stoops’ troops survive, the test that follows. Which is a visit to StarkVegas to play Mississippi State. Fortuitously, the scheduling goddesses have given them a week of R & R between. UGA.

— c d kaplan