Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XII

The kid should have had a good week, a really good week.

An undefeated week.

Then, the Michigan Harbaughs and the Florida State Native Americans decided to play the full 60 minutes. Both scored late to win. To my chagrin.

But Pitt prevailed. So too, the Cats and Cards, both in decisive fashion.

So, for the third Saturday in a row, I went 3-2.

36-23 for the season.

Rivalry week is just over the horizon.

This week’s predictions:

Virginia Tech @ Miami. Sayonara Justin Fuente. I mean, have there ever been so many firings in the middle of the season? Sure doesn’t seem like it. Meanwhile, favorite homie Manny Diaz is also, shall I say, beleaguered. Falling late, very very late, to mediocre Florida State does not bode well for his future on the Cane’s sideline. Word is Coral Gable fat cats are ready to woo another former local, now residing in Nikeville, back home. And, I believe that Temple job might be open. But, methinks Diaz saves his job, for the time being anyway, by avoiding the Hokie Pokie.

UCLA @ Southern California. So there is one traditional rivalry being contested this weekend before Thanksgiving, when all of them used to be played. In Cali no less. Who knew LaLa Land was the bastion of the old and sacred? The Trojans remain coachless. And, there are some Bruins’ fans, who apparently feel the same. Though Chip Kelly’s still wearing the head set. The Bruins are better than they’ve been, if not as good as they’d like to be under a coach they’re wondering if they should have hired. While the Fans o’ Troy are fantasizing about the next great mentor, their team flounders. Bruins.

Southern Methodist @ Cincinnati. The Bearcats have arguably been the biggest story of this college pigskin campaign. Or, is it the biggest non-story? They’ve been hovering so close, so very very very close to Final Four status. Despite relatively uninspiring performances recently. Who among us doesn’t believe the kids from Queen City will have their face longingly and forlornly pressed against the candy store window come selection time. Then again, should the Ducks take it on the chin from the Utes, hope shall spring forth. The Fickells look better than they have in weeks, and corral the Mustangs.

New Mexico State @ Kentucky. C’mon, Mitch, New Mexico State, perennial Bottom 10 dweller!?!? I mean, you think you’re Alabama or something? The night shift crew at Dirty Kroger could give the Cats a better tussle than the Aggies. For lesser payout too. Guess you were looking for a bye week before the Governor’s Cup.

Louisville @ Duke. One word: Bowl Eligible. Goodbye Durham, hello Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla.

— c d kaplan