As The World Turns: Cardinal Cataclysm

It’s been a soap opera, right?

Maybe it should be called “Search For Tomorrow”? U of L’s future is ahead of it, qu’est-ce que c’est?

Or an offshoot of “General Hospital,” something like “GHER” or “GH Triage”? (I know, grammatically, the ? should be inside the quotes. But, hey, these are cockamamie times for the Cardinal Nation, apparently anything goes.)

Anyway, whatever title they arrive at, there’s surely a channel somewhere that is willing to pay for the property.

Not Hallmark, of course. But there are those that have shows about 600 lb. people and hoarders and the overbearing moms of adolescent fashion show kids and people who can’t get their cars out of the Philly tow-in lot. One of those networks will give it a green light.

Got to be iconic Erica Kane, Susan Lucci playing Neeli Bendapudi.

In the role of Vince Tyra, first ask is to Josh Duhamel. If not him, Justin Hartley.

 * * * * *

Thank heavens for the undefeated #1 ranked, top-seeded Cardinal volleyballers.

They provided a much needed antidote on a Thursday unlike any other in the annals of the Red & Black Universe.

Came from behind, scoring the last five to secure the 2d set, breaking the Gators’ resolve, and moving on to Elite Eight.

In iconic Freedom Hall, no less, home of the halcyon days, to happier times.

 * * * * *

As for the rest of this quagmire of a mess of a miasma.

The inclination is to ask, how did it all start? How did we get here?

I’m simply not going there.

It’s been hashed and rehashed and reheated through the last few years. As for the last couple of days, I doubt I’m the only Cardinal diehard who has had to recharge his phone three times more than usual.

To use one of my least favorite phrases, it is what it is.

U of L’s beloved president is off to Penn State, an understandable move.

U of L’s not so beloved AD is off to . . . well . . . somewhere. Which is not Tallahassee, where he either overplayed his hand or something.

Next. That’s the only worthy contemplation.

 * * * * *

Soooooooo, everybody take a deep breath.

An interim prexy will be named. A search will take place for a new president. The university shall survive. Uh, hopefully.

An interim AD will be named. A search will take place for a new head of the Card athletics. Nationally, hopefully.

Cardinal teams will take to the court. To the pool. To the track. To the gridiron.

 * * * * *

One guy’s opinion about the next Athletics Director.

Somebody from outside, pleeeeeeeeeease!!!

Someone with experience, competence, vision, fresh eyes. And no connection with any of this mess, meaning nobody who has had any ties to U of L, going back as far as the Philip Davidson/ Peck Hickman/ Frank Camp era.

No Darrel Griffith, no Allan Houston, no David Padgett, to mention just three of the names that have tossed out there on the social media.

I’ve never quite understood the whole we-need-one-of-our-own mentality.

That guy who is doing a dang solid job up the road at Arch Rival wasn’t from within.

Tom Jurich, who was The Best AD In The Country until he made two fatal mistakes, was from somewhere out west, The Power of the Dog country.

Shhh. Are those “We Want Tom” chants I hear in the distance?

Hmmm, make me think of what Shiv said to hubby Tom the other night on “Succession.”

“I don’t love you, but I love you.”

You know what I mean?

Anyway, I’d also advise these people to zip it, at least for the time being.

The ones who want to fire Chris Mack.

The ones who want to fire Scott Satterfield.

Let’s just cheer the Cards and the leaders they got for now. Besides, it ain’t gonna happen.

 * * * * *

Go Cards.

Beat DePaul

Beat Georgia Tech.

Beat Kentucky.

And, to all, may you and yours have a happy, joyous and less chaotic Festivus.

— c d kaplan

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  1. I have never searched ESPN for the next Cards volleyball contest, until now. Maybe a silver lining of this meltdown is the appreciation for the depth of our programs, despite the chaos. That said, we gotta stop demonizing people. We are running off the good with the – well – the imperfect. We cannot hope to be a national power if our overwhelming focus is on the college 90 miles to our East, or build long term success by focusing so much on short term results. Just my opinion.,

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