8 thoughts on “Seedy K’s GameCap: NC State

  1. I was a CCM fan. No longer. Lost team. Lost fans. Clean house. Top to bottom. Cards in danger of losing a long built up brand – if we still have it.

  2. There is something that is just incredibly wrong here. Something happened to Jalen Withers. He is hopelessly lost. Malik, Cross, Sam have lost competence. And I sound like a broken record but I simply do not understand this “new and improved” offense. How is there better ball movement when three out of five guys are standing still on most possessions? The whole thing is just a hot mess.

  3. CCM has indeed lost the team, the fans and is making the Louisville MBB Brand a laughing stock around the ACC. His only strength is self promotion. Which is now tarnished. Ross McMains is the man who sold the Emperor the “new clothes.” Offensively, there is nothing there. Defensively. CCM’s “pack line” has been a feeble impersonation of Bennett’s Pack Line.

    Yet the greatest “sin” of CCM is his seeming ignorance of what his personnel can do and how to meld the individual talents. Curry, in particular, Faulkner and Dre Davis should start. These men bring effort consistently. Yet he is enamored of Williams, Locke and Cross. Look for 4-5 transfers in a few months.

    How much is the buyout that CCM seems to be working so hard to obtain? Watch him on the sideline during games. It’s obvious he is not a “player’s coach”; he’s just a confused, angry man raking in millions.

  4. Seedy, your silence speaks volumes. What we witnessed last night was a total cluster f__k. We were LOUISVILLE. Now, we are “Rome burning”. Thank you David Grissom, thank you Board of Directors, thank you Vince Tyra and thank you ” the great pretender “.

  5. I fear we are in the process of becoming IU, Part II. The few “fans” that are left were as speechless last night as you are in your article. Just pathetic

  6. After 4 consecutive turnovers in the 2nd half, I turned off the game. The Cards playing is mind numbing. My following of this years team is over. I just can’t take them anymore.

  7. Bruce Miller had it right in his book AIR BALL, it is the ghost of Adolf Rupp, and Grissom et al were planted to bring us down to where we belong, just another state school…..UNDER KENTUCKY!

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