U of L’s Next Hire

Well, OK then, that’s over and done with.

Just another wacko week in the Land o’ Cardinal.

Could we have had a more hair raising 24 hours?

I guess, if maybe an asteroid the size of Freedom Hall was taking dead aim on that new golf/ cocktail complex at Oxmoor. But, really, other than that.

Alright, I’m not going to bury the lede. Then the usual Seedy K verbose folderol before actually explaining myself.

Two Things:

Hire Josh Heird permanently. Now.

If you are truly a Cardinal diehard, do your best to be in the gym Saturday at noon.

More later.

First, an apology.

 * * * * *

I obviously misread the room.

For weeks now, as the U of L Men’s Team seemingly fell apart at the seams, I, c d kaplan, former prosecutor at the bar, have been pontificating in the most stentorian of verbiage, as if it were written on stone as one of the 15, oops, make that 10 commandments, the following.

Chris Mack is going to be around for awhile, because . . .

. . . Interim president.

. . . Interim AD.

. . . Pending NCAA sanctions.

. . . $12 mill + buyout.

Etc, etc, etc, yada, yada, yada.

So, Mr. Thinks He Knows It All, that how it played out?

Ya know, not exactly.

I trust I’m not the only one who didn’t see this week’s events playing out with such terrible swift sword. But few have been as adamant it wouldn’t happen as moi.

So, me culpa maxima.

My sincerest apologies to my readers who may have been adversely affected, Commentariat and Lurkers alike, their families, nuclear and extended, their heirs at law, assigns and powers of attorney, and the dude down the block who has never returned your lawnmowers, but to whom you may have for some unfathomable reason passed along my not so knowing take. I am sorry.

 * * * * *

So, who’s got next?

 * * * * *

To say that I have been impressed by Interim AD Josh Heird would be egregious understatement.

Think back for a moment to how the univeersally perceptive Tom Jurich handled the Denny Crum dismissal. How ugly it got, because the AD hadn’t been here long enough to truly understand how iconic Denny is in the community.

Or, the rancor that ensued when he had to get rid of hapless Ron Cooper.

Or, when Vince Tyra had to get rid of Bobby Petrino, he just threw the entire buyout at him, no questions asked.

Compare that with Heird’s adroit work over the last few weeks, how this moving on appeared as seamless as it did out of the blue. How an admittedly expensive settlement was reached. But is generally regarded as favorable, all things considered, to the university.

How confidently and professionally he handled the post resignation press conference. Matter of factly responding appropriately to legitimate but snarkily presented questions.

How he is pressing forward without any sense of temporariness in his position.

So, yeah, hire him permanently. Now. Interim tag begone.

The fellow’s intelligent obviously. He returned to U of L from Villanova, knowing there was quicksand underfoot. He has ties to the community. He learned under Jurich, who despite the abovementioned gaffes was the best AD in the land.

I have written U of L’s interim president, as well as the Board of Trustees to let them know my thoughts.

If similarly inclined, here are the email addresses to the prexy and secretary of Board:



 * * * * *

If you truly love the Cards, if you consider yourself a diehard, I urge you, if at all possible, to be in the gym tomorrow at noon.

Bring the kids and grannie.

It’s time to rally the troops.

 * * * * *

As for the next coach, I frankly haven’t a clue.

Given my track record about this, for which I’ve apologized, I’m disinclined to offer an opinion. At least now, when we’re just out of triage.

One thought.

I am dumbfounded that Bruce Pearl’s name keeps popping up. Locally and nationally.

The guy’s a two time offender. Was forced to sit out. When he was an assistant at Iowa, he turned in a rival to NCAA for doing the same dirty deeds recruiting he’s done.

He’s coaching in a league where they care more except about violations. He’s in a perfect spot.

I would be gobsmacked if Pearl is even considered by the decision makers at U of L.

Which brings me to another reason I’m smitten with Josh Heird. At the presser, he said he intended to “hire a coach with the highest level of integrity possible.”

Go Cards.

— c d kaplan


7 thoughts on “U of L’s Next Hire

  1. We may have to warm up to Payne. Seems to have the momentum with boosters and former players (not just Beard/Eaves). Davenport would be a bad hire, can’t see him recruiting on the level we need. Heard reached out to Jay Wright. I like it. I think Mike Schmidt (St. Bonnie’s) and Ryan Odom (Utah St.) are names I’d love to see seriously considered. But Louisville won’t. And I sure as hell hope Pearl is not in the mix. Bad news, that cat.

  2. If Josh Heard goes after Pearl, then you may want to rethink your push to hire him full time.

  3. What a day. The troops and team did rally.
    What a day. The Yum.was reasonably full, there was enthusiasm both at the fan level and wow, at the coach level, there was noise and a fan base starved for the restoration of basketball grit. And though outmatched talent wise, our team gave all they could. Loved it. Go Cards.

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