Louisville CardFile: Wake Forest

Correction: The technical foul referred to below was whistled against those on the Louisville bench, for jumping out of their seats and complaining about a late call. Coach Mike Pegues implied it included him.

Other than my fascination with Naismithius, the Greek God of Hoops, my knowledge of that strain of mythology is limited.

But there was a moment of wonder about it during U of L’s latest inevitable setback, this time by a wasn’t nearly as close as the final deficit of 22, 77-99 at Wake Forest.

U of L fell behind 2-17.

Was -20 after a mere 9:50 of action, 14-34. And, despite starting to hit some shots gained but minor traction, yet somehow gutting its way within 8 at the break, 36-44.*

*A deuce by Jae’Lyn Withers and a lone freebie by Dre Davis were the only points scored in the 1st by the five Cardinal starters. That’s got to be a record, right?

After intermission, El Ellis two FTs cut the margin to six. Wake got one back, then Dre Davis was at the line with a chance to somehow how-did-we-get-here pull within five.

Then Mike Pegues said something he should not have. Technical.

Blink. Uncle Mo switched allegiances. The Demon Deacons more than steadied. Louisville faltered back to its norm. The Cards were soon enough down 16 at 39-55.

That was when I asked myself, who was that Greek guy who kept pushing the boulder up the hill, but Hades kept making it roll back down? For all of eternity.


So, not it’s that the Cards really had a chance against an improving Wake Forest squad that needed to win big. Bottom line: U of L, falling behind so big so early, once again handed itself a Sisyphean task.

One has to hope it’s not for all of eternity.

But it is for now. There’s simply no there there.

Yes, Sidney Curry was a bright spot. But it’s not of any consequence this campaign. Let’s hope he means it when he says he’s in for next season.

 * * * * *

For decades of Cardinal hoops of my lifetime, it was U of L, fans and starters in joyous celebration, cheering on the subs at the end of a blow out.

Now it’s the likes of the Demon Deacons smiling, laughing, celebrating the pine timers as the clock ticks down.

It was Wake walk on Miles Lester who went string music from beyond the arc for the victor’s last tally.

U of L’s season in a nutshell. Exclamation point.

— c d kaplan

5 thoughts on “Louisville CardFile: Wake Forest

  1. “Mike Pegues said something he should not have. Technical.”

    It was on the bench. (Malik?)

  2. The word “uncoachable” came up a few weeks back and it fits. With the adjective “utterly.” I did my due diligence and mostly watched the game, but turned the sound off and poured over seed and plant catalogs.
    April can’t get here soon enough.

  3. 30 down w 6:42 left in the game to a Wake team they beat in December.
    How do some teams improve over a season and others deteriorate into a mass of unrecognizable protoplasm? Well, what ever it is we got the patent.
    Good night Irene.

  4. So many points of contention, one cannot find a jumping off point. But other the elephant in the room, the inability to throw the ball in the ocean from the beach,I feel the 3 biggest issues with my Cards are passing the ball in an accurate and timely fashion, lack of any direction and coaching but the big daddy issue is a complete lack of team quickness and speed, save for Ellis.I know u really can’t coach speed nor quickness, but it effects every facet of our game, most glaring our perimeter defense. We’re just not incredibly athletic, pretty sure either Davis or Withers have to be leading the nation in point blank air balls.Ugly truth, it is apparent that a handful of these kids have given up and stopped giving much effort..Still fun to watch Mean Sydney play all mansized and stuff, but the look on his face mirrors the majority of fans, disgust and confusion. I’m a lifer but this bunch is hard to watch. GO CARDS GO KROGERING!!!

  5. I saw my first Cardinal Basketball game in 1950 at the old Armory. Corky Cox would open one of the doors and a number of Shively guys would storm in and find an empty seat.
    I cannot watch another game like Saturday’s game.
    I will start watching again when major changes are made.

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