Louisville CardFile: Virginia Tech

Here’s another something that’s never happened before.

For the first time ever, I am sitting at my computer, beginning my game story.

During the media timeout with 11:09 left in the opening half.

I have the Cardinal game on the 32″ Samsung on a table next to my desk. On the silenced big LG in my TV room, which I can clearly see, I’ve clicked over to Purdue/ Wisconsin.

I’m a stranger in a strange land.

Actually I was tempted to sit down and start this at the 16:52 stoppage, when Louisville was down 2-9, having already committed three giveaways, surrendering Hokie triples on three consecutive possessions.

The Cards turned it over out of the break.

I tuned in, as I have for seven decades now, believing that whatever has happened before, the Cards have a chance. Then announcer Debbie Antonelli in the open says of Tech, “to get in the NCAA, they need to take care of business against Louisville.”

Pull the dagger from my heart.

Then the announcers shared that Malik Williams didn’t even make the trip.

Coach’s decision.

How appropriate.

At this second media break, U of L is down 4-14.

The Cards have turned it over six times.

All 14 Virginia Tech points have come off those Louisville mistakes.

 * * * * *

Moving on.

There’s now a stoppage with 3:54 before intermission.

Obviously I haven’t been playing too close attention. I can’t look at but one screen at a time.

14 U of L, 27 VT.

Tech is 7/14 from “downtown.” Most wide open.

I’m going to watch between now and the half.

I’ll be back.

 * * * * *

It’s halftime.

Louisville is down to a school that hasn’t tasted victory over the Cards since 2/13/91.

31 years.

The deficit is 12.

VT 33, U of L 21. It’s the Cards lowest output in the 1st this season.

The hits just keep on comin’.

 * * * * *

The gist of my conversations with fellow Cardinal fans these days is basically . . .

. . . How and Why did it get THIS bad?

I haven’t a clue.

OK, that’s not true. I’ve plenty of theories.

I’m just tired of talking about them.

What I know is this root canal without anesthetic of a season will be over middle of next week.

This season needs to be O V E R.


 * * * * *

There’s still 20 minutes left in this one.

If anything meaningful happens, I’ll report back.

I need to go feed my sweet tooth now.

 * * * * *

Because of a muscle memory sort of thing, I’m inclined to talk about the beginning of the 2d.

A Tech triple. Matched by two Card treys. Then a missed Card trey. Then Cardinal turnovers on the next three possessions.

But, I have to remember what I texted Doc, in response to his communication addressing some specifics of U of L’s passing techniques.

“It. Doesn’t. Matter.”

Neither does anything else I might write about this one — Cards 43, Hokies 75 — another Louisville loss in a season full of many of them, a season that blissfully will be over soon, if not soon enough.

— c d kaplan

10 thoughts on “Louisville CardFile: Virginia Tech

  1. I watched in utter disbelief. So fundamentally unsound and so uncoachable. A total trainwreck. This MUST NOT stand.

  2. Winning 13 games is not attainable for this year’s model. The real intrigue now is who will write the ‘Season On The Brink’-style journalistic exposé on Cards 21-22? Seedy? Eric Crawford? Dave Chappell?

    I lasted until the first media break, turned it off and read. Malik? WTAF, dude? But it’s not just one person. Which stands in high contrast to the one player on this team who continues to show up, play the game and give a damn: Sidney Curry.

    I hope he returns. I hope the Louisville Fan Base is conditioning itself to the very real possibility Kenny Payne passes on a program in complete disarray. Maybe hand the keys to Tommy Amaker? After being passed over for the Dook gig, he might come in with a chip on his shoulder to take the ACC by storm next year?

    Or not. One can dream, which is all that’s left.

  3. Tis a sad day here in the Ville…. The faithful have taken a beating this year from their abusive paramour; and like those who suffer from such abuse, they can’t bring themselves to leave. Those of us on the outside looking on can sympathize and empathize, but can offer no solace. Take heart my Card friends, the end is nigh and hope springs eternal for next season.

  4. we had a prop bet going at the club. I set the over/under as to the first time the Cards would be down by double digits at 5 minutes. Almost everyone took the over. The under won easily as VT claimed a 12-2 lead at the 16:14 mark of the first half. That is what this season has come to…how much are we going to lose by and when…

  5. This has never happened before…I pulled the plug and went to bed 5 mins into the 2nd half, lord we are so slow footed and just all around dismal, makes watching an ordeal of biblical proportion. Don’t see it turning around in the near future. They need to Jack this program up and run 10 kids in and run the rest off, save for Curry and Ellis.With Jesus H at the helm, this process would take 2-3yrs to implement maybe longer. We stink, and without extreme measures and crafty leadership this situation will only get worse. K Payne would have to be bug nutz to even consider stepping into this mess. GO CARDS…..GO KROGERING

  6. Hey CK;
    A new way for me to follow cardinal Basketball; Do not watch the game just read your report.
    I get the same information but my bP is 25 points less.

  7. I have been here long enough that Ich bin ein Louisvillian. In my college basketball fandom, I support first Louisville, and second Wisconsin. Having said that, and without 2 screens on the same floor – I chose to watch Wisconsin-Purdue and record Louisville. I am sure you enjoyed Davison’s missed free throw however it only created room for more drama! I did switch to the Cards for a minute or two during a couple of time-outs, and on those occasions it really looked like I was watching a JV game. It is pitiful that I feel compelled to watch this game tonight but I can’t help myself. At least there is fast-forward.

  8. I’m now thinking the Previous Coach might have settled for a mere $4.2 million to leave what he feared could happen behind.
    Maybe even $4 million.
    It’s only money.

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