Hoopaholic’s Gazette: Back on the Beat

Inquiries have been made.

So I’m advised.

“Why hasn’t Seedy weighed in on the whole NIL deal?”

For one, I have. Kinda.

Back when railing against those fat cats asking for the return of a former U of L AD, I suggested they put their energy, and significant disposable wealth into forming a collective. So there’s that.

Plus, I have nothing to add to the rampant dialog about the accelerating phenomena. It’s the Wild West out there. Those under the table envelopes of cash are now Bitcoin deposits into off shore bank accounts.

You thought the Oklahoma Land Rush was a clusterfuck on meth? Silly you. Google up Isaiah Wong to see how the culture of college sports has changed, seemingly overnight.

 * * * * *

Speaking of that Miami Hurricane, I tried to go Wong on Glorious Editor and the guy controlling the purse strings in Finance on the 73d floor, a fellow named John Beresford Tipton IV.

“How about a little bump for the kid,” I inquired? “I’m read. I’m nothing if all but about name, a nom de plume affectation, image and likeness. Have you seen those mashup vanity portraits I post with my articles? Some would say that stuff is more important to me than quality of content, but there’s always going to be nabobs of negativitude. I’ve been nothing but NIL for years.”

Let’s just say the former was non-plussed. Thanks so much, GE for your consideration. And the latter is more Scrooge McDuck than heir to the beneficence of his great grandpa.

Actual response: “You want to jump to covering the Schmendrake A&M SeaHorses instead of your beloved Cardinals over a few drachma? Have at it.”

So, loyalty über alles, Cardinal fans, you’re stuck with me for the time being.

 * * * * *

Joking aside, the NCAA did issue a hint of guidelines Monday affecting these collectives.

They’re now considered boosters.

Meaning punishment can be meted out for cutting a deal with a shut down CB before he even enters his name in the portal.

We’ll see how it plays out.

As they say in Vegas, where it goes, nobody knows. Or something like that.

 * * * * *

Of more interest here is how it will affect Cardinal sports?

HVL, I’m sure will get her fair share. But what about Coach Satt’s guys? And the new regime scurrying to pull Louisville men’s hoops program back to where it once belonged?

CKP and crew seem to be doing OK so far. Closing the deal on a vaunted prepster. Major transfer big.

But the Cards need guard(s). Ball-handling guard(s). Playmaking guard(s).

These name keep popping up: Tyrese Hunter. Malachi Smith.

First, U of L is far from the only school in hot pursuit in need of a 1 or two 1s.

Second, do these dudes have Isaiah Wong’s number on speed dial?

There’s also highly regarded Kyle Lofton.

In Kenny We Trust. Right?

But it’s wacky out there.

 * * * * *

Speaking of Kenny Payne, I got this little anecdote.

I was driving back from New Orleans and JazzFest with my ex-, a super Card hoops fan. We were passing through Laurel, Mississippi, the home of He Who Now Coaches The Cards.

“Hey, we should check out Payne’s high school, just to pay our respects,” I suggested. NorthEast Jones High School, I believe. In Ellisville actually.

“Keep driving, it’s a long enough trip already,” I was sternly advised.

Sorry, coach.

 * * * * *

Can I get outtahere without mentioning Emoni Bates?

Uh, no.

It’s a headscratcher for absolute sure.

Upside, lots. Downside, plenty.

I can’t shake the message of that commercial with LeMelo and overbearing papa LeVar Ball.

Gotta go back on this one to what I scribed above.

In Kenny We Trust.


— c d kaplan

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  1. Tyrese Hunter seems the more prudent need. Bates? The circus comes to town. In the Big Top and out of it…

    Welcome back, Seedy!! We missed ya!

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