Reid Hurls No-No, Nick says “No No” & the 3-5-5

So by now, anybody within the sound of my voice is aware that former Cardinal ace Reid Detmers hurled a no-hitter for the Angels the other night, in a blowout W against Tampa Bay. 12-0.

Pretty cool.

Yet another exclamation point to the incredible job Dan McDonnell has done turning U of L baseball into a national power.

Lots of interesting sidenotes to the 108 pitch performance. Some of which, I gleaned on my own. Like how it was old old school. Only two Ks along the way. Only one other guy has pitched a no-hitter with so few strikeouts since 1980. Francisco Liriano.

But much of which info I pass along I hereby acknowledge came from my favorite baseball writer Joe Posnanski at his JoeBlogs, to which I subscribe. Like the second half of the above paragraph. Credit and acknowledgement to Joe.

Turns out this was the first nine inning complete game Detmers has ever pitched.

At any level. Pros. (Never tossed more than six.) College. HS. (One perfecto. 7 innings.) As in ever.

How about a huzzah for Joe Maddon for leaving the rookie in.


By the by, only one other fella, Walker Buehler, has pitched a nine-inning complete game so far this season. Warren Spahn be spinnin’ in his grave.

Only five other first year pitchers have tossed a no-no this century.

The former Cards southpaw benefited from a friendly but not off the charts Official Scorer’s decision. When Jared Walsh’s bobble allowed a baserunner. E3.

Were the game in FLA instead of Cali, might the decision have been different? From all reports, the consensus is probably not.

Detmers also walked one.

Tip o’ the ballcap to Reid Detmers.

 * * * * *

Speaking of the U of L Nine, I’d be less than frank if I didn’t admit I haven’t been to the ballyard this campaign. With other distractions and diversions, I haven’t been paying the attention the Cards deserve.

I vow to do better.

The Cardinals stand 34-13-1.

A tie? What is this futbol?

U of L ventures to Blacksburg for three this weekend against the Hokies. Then finishes the regular season at the Jim next week, with a midweeker against EKU, and Thurs-Sat series with UVa.

My intention is to be at 3d & Central.

After last season when the Cards were on the outside with their faces pressed against the candy store window, Louisville is on course to possibly earn one of those highly cherished top 8 seeds in the NCAA tourney.

But it must be earned, the old fashioned way.

 * * * * *

“We don’t tamper with anybody.”

That is how GOAT Nick Saban, coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, responded when asked about former Cardinal Tyler Harrell’s move to Tuscaloosa.

He did acknowledge that, in this day and age, it’s hard to know what 3d parties might be doing, while insisting Bama didn’t as a program do anything.

I believe him.

It’s Alabama right? Arguably having the greatest run in the history of college pigskin. That includes the eras of the Bear, Bud Wilkinson, and the glory days in South Bend and Lincoln.

Who wouldn’t want to play there if they knew they had a chance?

 * * * * *

Scott Satterfield will be just fine.

Recruiting is up.

The guy can coach.

Which doesn’t mean the fan base is ready to move on. Because, you know, Next is Best.

Especially when Next is a legacy home boy. Like, I dunno, one name out of the blue: Jeff Brohm.

Who, when speaking with a bunch of Flaget alums the other day, left the door open for his return to Louisville et familia at some point in the future.

Can we table that obsession please.

 * * * * *

It appears a fait accompli that the ACC will move to a 3-5-5 scheduling formula for football.

Makes sense. Keeps the schedule fresh.

Lots of conjecture about who U of L’s permanent “rivals” might be?

Truth is the Cardinals have no natural pigskin rivals in the league. Memphis State. Cincy. Isn’t there a bucket of nails or something? That school down the road. Those are rivals on the gridiron.

In the league, the only one that kinda resonates for me is Wake Forest. Given the bitter games after the whole play sheet scandal. That onside-kick-abundant nailbiter of a few years back. What was the final? Something like 87-84?

But that’s not enough, given the Demon Deacons location along Tobacco Road.

So, yeah, whomever. But it’ll be sweet seeing some different unis in the stadium in years to come.

  * * * * *

Contractual obligations mandate the following mention before I close.

Emoni Bates.

— c d kaplan

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  1. but is it Bates or “Baits” as in the hook for the biggest donor fish to get on Emoni’s line and then the donor/sponsor/contractor and associated fans find that Emoni elates?

  2. Joe Posnanski’s book about baseball, and life, featuring Buck ONeill is brilliant.

  3. Rival would be FL State. Just suggesting. Be careful, Card Nation, of praying too hard for Emoni Bates. Recent stats and NBA workouts are not all that. But K-Payne seems to work wonders with Bigs. What we need are guards.

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