Monday Morning PG: AD Search, Card 9 & Those Wacky Playoffs

Obviously not in a rush, the muckety mucks at the University of Louisville finally hired a search firm to help choose a new Athletic Director.

I understand there are other administrative priorities.

Like, ya know, a university president.

But still, it’s been like five months since that Tyra guy decided to take his talents to Florida State, or somewhere which was somewhere else besides his office at U of L.

That the school wants to be thorough makes sense. But still.

Given familiarity, Josh Heird’s name is the most resonant.

He’s intelligent. He’s competent. He obviously wants the job.

But, as I’ve previously opined, the quiet nature of his personality is different from most fellows who fill such positions. Which are filled with men and a few women, who are Intelligent and competent, as well as being able to work the room.

Is hiring a Johnny or Janie Handshake an imperative?

As for Collegiate Sports Associates, I have No Clue. It’s reported the group aided in the AD searches at Virginia Tech and Wake Forest.

The employment of such vetting subcontractors is the way of the world these days.

Just get it done.

 * * * * *

Then there’s the task of filling the immense brogans of one Kenny Klein.

Good luck with that.

One has to believe that spot won’t be filled until the new AD is in place.

 * * * * *

The Cardinal Nine dropped two of three to higher rated Virginia Tech in Blacksburg.

Disappointing, but one supposes won’t adversely affect hosting a Regional.

U of L had a shot late on Saturday, after taking the opener. Go ahead runner on base in top of the 9th. Couldn’t plate him. Sigh.

Eastern Kentucky comes to the Jim on Tuesday. Followed by the last series of the regular season. UVa arrives for three, Thursday-Saturday.

 * * * * *

Emoni Bates.

 * * * * *

I’ve been watching hoops long enough to remember when players played long enough in college, that one could remember where they’d matriculated when you watched them in the league.

Not any more.

I find myself pulling out the laptop now and again, to learn where guys balled when still student athletes. (Now there’s a term in the trash bin, not to be recycled.)

Which is context for my search in light of how the Celtics/ Bucks series was affected by the absence of two key fellas, one on each side.

Milwaukee’s Khris Middleton. Boston’s Robert Williams. The former’s absence, it would seem, more informed the outcome than the latter.

What fascinates me about the duo is they both played collegiately at 12th Man U. That bastion of hoops legacy in College Station, Texas. They were both Aggies, really?

 * * * * *

Dallas’s improbable Game 7 beatdown of top seeded Phoenix was led by Euro-reared Luka Dončić.

Whose name I invoked if only to see how difficult it might be to put those little squiggly things over c and c. (Don’t expect it to happen in the future.)

But the Maverick who fascinates me the most is Jalen Brunson.

I remember how he willed Villanova to the NCAA crown.

That relentlessness was apparent throughout the series.

Winners win. Brunson’s a winner.

 * * * * *

Still no U of L Director of Men’s Basketball Operations. Or, at least no official recognition of one yet.

Which means U of L obsessives like yours truly remain wondering whether that Columbia Law grad/ heir to a hip hop empire will fill the position? Or whether it was just a social media rumor that’s evaporated already in the cybergalaxy?

  * * * * *

The Cards need guards.

As you might be aware.

Double duty for HVL???

— c d kaplan


8 thoughts on “Monday Morning PG: AD Search, Card 9 & Those Wacky Playoffs

  1. Is anyone else about done with the professionalism of college sports or is it just me? If I am going to watch pros play ball, I might as well watch the NFL, the NBA or MLB. What do you think CDK?

    1. No, I still love it. We cranky old men need to understand these kids want to get compensated for their services, the way we have during our lives. It’s a new world, still playing out.

      1. Sure… I agee that they should get a stipend over their tuition room and board, but shopping your talents to the highest bidder and pulling in 400K per year? That’s a pro.

        I remember when the players got $15 per week for laundry money…that might equate to $1000 per month now…. I could accept that but to shop your self to the highest bidder? that’s a pro…

          1. I also don’t get free room, board and tuition. About $50k per year…

  2. Chuck, I assumed a long time ago that our University was beyond the man-woman thing. Particularly since the best president we’ve had in a long time happened to be president bendapudi. Even though she proved to be interim I don’t think too many guessed that until her announcement. If we could find a lady athletic director who could accomplish what she did in her brief time here, I am all in.!

    1. Uncalled for comment, frankly. Just because she wasn’t up to the task at Rutgers, doesn’t mean that there aren’t probably plenty of women who would be great. I’m all for it.

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