Tuesday’s Cardinal Chitter, Chatter & Clatter

Yes, I know it’s baseball season.

And that, as I write U of L hoops coach Kenny Payne is announcing the long-expected but just confirmed hiring of Milt Wagner. To some sort of hybrid position that the Compliance Office has, one would assume, advised won’t hinder the recruitment of a certain grandson.

But, can we talk football for a moment?

Of course, the fingers on the keys to the Smith Corona belong to me.

 * * * * *

By all accounts during recent seasons the Atlantic Coast Conference has been considered the least powerful of the self-designated Power 5.

Gridironly speaking. (OK, last year also in men’s b-ball, but that was an outlier, and today isn’t about that.)

What a difference a year makes.

Something that national wags do to feed those jonesin’ for daily info during the fallow periods of offseason is fashion Way Too Early Top 25s.

As one of those junkies, I read way too many of them.

The other day I came across one with these interesting placements.

#9 North Carolina State. Led by QB Devin Leary, an insider’s longshot to be the first QB picked in next year’s draft.

#11 Clemson. Even though the Tigers lost both major coordinators, and Dabo seems a smidge behind the curve on the whole NIL/ Transfer Portal thing. Not to mention that last season was a serious letdown.

#16 Wake Forest. Whose coach Dave Clawson is getting also sorts of huzzahs for the “miracles” he’s performed in Winston-Salem.

#18 Pitt. Which had a fairly highly regarded signal caller . . . last year.

Just outside this particular way too early projection are the Miami Ruizes, led by new mentor Mario Cristobal, late of Phil Knight U.

Kentucky sat at #21.

So, apparently the ACC is regaining some regard.

Which is good news and bad news for U of L. Their conference is getting more props. But, still in rebuilding mode, the Cards face all the above except the Coral Gables gang.

 * * * * *

Somebody who pays more attention, and who harvests more inside info than me, can explain this, I hope.

Seems like Scott Satterfield’s recruiting has been on a major uptick.

Getting studs like Jermayne Lole has not been a thing for Louisville in, well, in ever.

 * * * * *

Speaking of future Cardinal Pigskin Superstars, at least former future ones, that is.

QB Chubba Purdy is now the next big thing at Nebraska. As Jordan Travis is more so at Florida State.

In Malik Cunningham we trust, right?

 * * * * *

Speaking of projected lists, and staying more seasonal to boot, I saw a projected MLB draft.

Which included zero U of L Cardinals.

Arguably, frankly, a good thing.

With last year’s #1 pick behind the plate, U of L went nowhere.

 * * * * *

The latest loophole in the NCAA’s regulatory dike.


It allows a new coach at a school to kick anybody he wants off the team. As long as the school honors his scholly, should the kid decide to stay.

  * * * * *

Emoni Bates

 * * * * *

It is reported that former Cardinal star Reece Gaines shall remain on the hoops staff. In some sort of position with all important these days video operations.

  * * * * *

Pitt battered Georgia Tech today in the ACC baseball tourney.

Meaning, I believe I’ve got this right, U of L will advance to semis with W tomorrow over the Panthers, regardless of the outcome of the Tech game on Thursday.

 * * * * *

Non Louisville Cardinal Territory.

Bob Ryan once opined that Steph Curry has ruined the game of basketball. Meaning routinely draining 35 foot jumpers is an anathema to somebody who probably attended the game in ’34 when Kenny Sailors is said to have hoisted the first J.

Curry has certainly changed the game. I can’t take my eyes off him. For me, Golden State is Must See TV.

What I do believe is that the three point phenomenon from long long distance has opened up the court.

I’m old enough to remember the discussions about big men ruining the game, how the court needed to be widened and lengthened, the basket raised.

Haven’t heard much of that chitter, chatter or clatter in recent times.

And that’s enough of mine for today.

— c d kaplan