Monday Musings: Oh That Letter & More

I’ll weigh in the NCAA baseball regional, after we know whether the Cards advance or not.

 * * * * *

Just briefly again. Truly happy for Josh Heird, who has handled himself like a true mensch from the moment he was named Interim AD, until he deservedly got the job.

And for the University of Louisville, which made a wise choice.

From his deft handling of the Chris Mack situation, to the hiring of Kenny Payne, which has galvanized the community, to his manner during the AD hiring process, Heird displayed intelligence, maturity, and the skill set to lead U of L sports into the future.

At the baseball game over the weekend, several staff members expressed what a decent and nice fellow Heird is. How he made them feel a part of the team, not just an employee.

Very cool.

 * * * * *

As for the Fossilized Forty, “the group of over forty business leaders of which we represent,” well, I should not go here, but cannot help myself. Lucifer makes me do it.

Shame on you.

Your attempts to impose your will during the AD selection process, under the guise of privilege and influence, were ham-handed and ill-fated.

It’s not even clear what your endgame was. A true desire to help the university? Or to insinuate your influence in U of L affairs?

As for that embarrassing letter, it’s hard for me to fathom that it was actually written by any of the three signatories, Dr. Mark Lynn, Jim Patterson, or Lonnie Ali.

Here is what I do know about whoever actually did compose it. Somewhere there’s an 8th Grade English teacher, shaking his/her head, wondering, “Where did I go wrong?”

There’s no reason to parse the whole ill-advised, frankly embarrassing missive, with its patronizing tone, except for this.

If you are writing someone whom you are attempting to influence regarding a decision, you “shouldoria” at the very very least, spell correctly the name of the person whom you are addressing.

Just a suggestion.

 * * * * *

My hope and desire is that the intent of this group was to help the university, that they will continue to do so, even though the tone of the letter appeared they wanted their way or else.

Form an NIL collective. Continue to be of service, as you generously have in the past. Look ahead, not backward.

I would also hope that Josh Heird reaches out to these folks, to foster their continued support. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t.

Enough. Let’s move on.

 * * * * *

The University of Louisville became part of the SEC’s conversation regarding how to rejigger their football scheduling in the future.

Two plan are on the table. Nine league games, with three permanent foes, and a rotating six. Eight league games with one permanent opponent.

The general belief is that the former makes considerably more sense. Among the minority holding out for the latter, the University of Kentucky. AD Mitch Barnhart indicated they wanted to continue the Louisville rivalry, but didn’t want to lose a cupcake on the Wildcats schedule, which would happen if the number of conference games was increased.

You can imagine how that went over with the commentariat.

 * * * * *

Another football anecdote.

At lunch recently, a fellow Cardinal fan told this tale of coming home after U of L’s victory over Florida in the Sugar Bowl.

They stopped in Tuscaloosa on the way back for ribs at Dreamland.

They were proudly wearing U of L gear.

When they walked in, they got a standing O from the Tide crowd.

 * * * * *

After reading that Stephanie Diebold Davis has been named new U of L Director of Basketball Operations, yet another wise move, I intended to get in touch with my inner snark.

With some comments about bidding a sad adieu to the Justin Perez Era.

Recall that young Barrister Perez, with his ties to ROC Nation, was rumored to be the guy in line for the job. At least by social media. So it must have been true, right? Such is the way of the world these days.

Obviously not. But I have read somewhere, that he is still expected to have some position in the program.

Stay tuned.

 * * * * *

Which brings me to . . . Emoni Bates.


— c d kaplan