Regional Roundup: Cards Balk Way to Supers

Monday. Inclemency imminent.

Loser packs spikes for season. Winner to College Station for Super Texas Death Match.

High Noon. Do not forsake me, oh my darlin’.

PRP fave son Garrett Schmeltz surrenders two to Wolverines in top of 1st.

Looking to capture third straight in Astro stripes, U of L Cardinals blast back in their half.

Knapczyk single. Metzinger walk. Two go down. Usher doubles to right. Two score. Masterman drives him home. Humphrey HBP. Beard single scores another. Bianco HBP. Sacks full. Knapczyk bunt RBI. Metzinger walks again, run scores. Rushing reaches on error, Bianco tallies.

And, just like that, Cards up 7-2.

The fun had just begun.

Michigan got one back in the 3d.

Weather Delay ensued.

Uncle Mo’ switches jerseys when play resumes.

Visitors knot it at 7 with four in 5th. Add a couple more in 6th.

As the world turns.

Down two, 7-9, with only six outs to work with, U of L balks in bottom of 8th.

Balk (verb): hesitate or be unwilling to accept an idea or undertaking, thwart or hinder, prevent a person or animal from having (something).

The Cardinals, unwilling to accept defeat, intent on thwarting a Go Blue W, prevent Michigan from moving on.

Rushing draws base on balls with two down. Payton doubles to left, survives review of bang bang slide play at the bag, Rushing to 3d.

Usher singles to center, drives in two. Game even at 9.

Masterman goes yard. 11-9.

Prosecky closes the deal.

 * * * * *

U of L’s successful weekend began in the same manner — sort of — that it ended.

SEMO was up two in the opener, after a run in the 1st, another in the 2d.

The Cards got one back in their half.

The game, arguably the weekend, turned in the bottom of 4th, on a . . .

. . . Balk: (Baseball): an illegal motion made by a pitcher that may deceive a base runner.

Payton singled. Advanced to 2d on a balk, to 3d on a fly out. Usher singled, RBI, steals second. Advances to 3d on balk.

Rattled, Redhawks ace Jason Rackers balks again. Usher plates. Cards lead. SEMO never recovers. 7-2

 * * * * *

For thematic purposes, I’ll advise that hurlers for both Oregon and the Cardinals balked (baseball style) in Sunday’s elimination game. Which U of L survived, 8-5.

Sunday evening was a laugher.


 * * * * *

Louisville proved its mettle. Showed pluck.

Coach Dan McDonnell proved his worth. Again.

So too, pitching coach Roger Williams. Who had Riley Phillips and Evan Webster ready for their shut down moments on Sunday.

 * * * * *

Uni Report: As a traditionalist, I love the clean white garb U of L wore in the opener. Old style black lettering, no adornment.

I never like it when U of L wears black, whatever the sport. Baseball is no exception.

Then there are those Astro jerseys. Which to me are meh.

Except for this: Cards won three in a row wearing them. Unless U of L takes the field against A&M in hockey sweaters, I’d be surprised if we do not see those Astro stripes again.

In baseball there are balks.

In baseball there are superstitions.

— c d kaplan



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