Seedy K’s GameCap/Concert Review: Pitt & Beck

And now for something completely different.

Fear not, Louisville’s 24-10 victory shall be discussed. At least in part.

But first, context.

Rare is the occasion that your beat writer/ long time Cardinal diehard (BW/LTCD) misses a U of L game in real time. Either in person. Or on the telly.

He has shared the cautionary tale of missing a Card home hoops game in the early 70s to attend a Neil Young/ Linda Ronsdadt show at the Gardens. Ending the evening in the ER after his post show intoxicant-induced rear ending of a vehicle, which had already been in an accident at 2d & Liberty with gendarmes already on the scene.

Vows were made.

Vows were kept.

His claim that U of L sports has been the love of his life is true and real.

So too, his firm belief and understanding that rock & roll has provided as much if not more emotional and therapeutic sustenance throughout.

Jeff Beck was in town.

At the same time as U of L vs. Pittsburgh kickoff.

Set the DVR. More on the somewhat strange show at the Palace to follow.

But first, football.

 * * * * *

There was 5:21 left in the 3d Q, when your reporter fired up his LG.

The game which had apparently been somewhat underwhelming was knotted at 7.

The Panthers soon took the lead with a 37 yard FG, which despite minimal observation to that point appeared perhaps insurmountable.

What ensued was almost as weird as attending a show by a fellow many consider the best living rock guitarist, when 2/3s of the crowd, most of whom hadn’t a clue about that reality, were there to see a peripheral sideshow named Johnny Depp.

In the time after that last Panther score and the happy ending, each team did its darnedest to tell the other, “any gaffe you make, we can make better.”

So too, the zebras. Who made a differing call on similar situations with the competing QBs. Twice.

The Cards committed umpteen holding penalties, a couple of unsportsmanlike conducts, only to overcome them.

Thanks to three pigskinners in red.

Yasir Abdullah dominated the game. Period.

(OK, at least the final 20:21 being reported upon. Though the stats advise he also had a pick in the 1st, while your scribe was rockin’ and a rollin’.)

It’s difficult to recall when a defender in a Cardinal uni put his imprimatur on a battle with such authority. Otis Wilson? Doug Buffone?

Abdullah simply imposed his will. Such that U of L was not to be denied.

Josh Lifson is the second.

He garnered U of L’s last offensive TD. M Cunningham’s toss to his wide open TE from Country Day was oddly underthrown. Yet the not so lithe Lifson was able to corral the catch to put the good guys up for good.

Two, Brock Domann.

Who came in for one play in the 4th Q. Despite being rocked to Neverland, threw a 28 yard rainbow to Tyler Hudson on the side stripe to keep a FG scoring drive alive.

It was but a minute or so of clock time later, when that Abdullah fella disengaged Panther QB Kevin Slovis from the ball — with extreme prejudice — which pigskin was scooped up by Kei’Trel Clark, who toted it with a convoy of guys in red 59 yards to game securing paydirt.

 * * * * *

At this juncture, BW/LTCD intended to delve into the Jeff Beck thing. Advise his opinion why the fellow’s technique, chording, harmonic structure and genius with the whammy bar set him apart, a cut above.

But that will be all of that.

Suffice it to say, hearing his sublime, beauteous version of Brian Wilson’s “Caroline No,” and most transcendent take ever on Stevie Wonder’s “Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers” was enough to soothe the savage beast. They also served as counterpoint to the heaviness of many of his renditions, aided by cohorts Rhonda Smith on bass and Anika Nilles on the drum kit.

Such was the gaggle of glee among the multitudes when Depp took the stage fifty or so minutes in to the strains of Link Wray’s “Rumble,” BW/LTCD felt compelled to leave the building.

What he missed, he missed. He was sated.

His Cards were still in a fight.

— c d kaplan

7 thoughts on “Seedy K’s GameCap/Concert Review: Pitt & Beck

  1. Good W for your boys last evening CD…. The first half was a bore, but the final quarter gave hope to the faithful, even if just for an night.

  2. Julie & I were also at the Jeff Beck concert, center on the aisle, row F, seats 1 & 2. These were the best seats I’ve EVER had for a concert. Well, the show started late by an hour, but the wait was well worth because, as C.D stated, Beck is incredible. After an hour or so of guitar bliss, Johnny Depp appeared to the sounds of the only instrumental to be banned from AM Radio. The aisle & our view became completely blocked by panting heavyset girls & women, young & old alike. We could have used Otis Wilson to clear the aisle. After two more Depp vocals, we left. Beck great, Depp meh.

  3. Maybe I haven’t been reading long enough, or I just have been beaten down by acronyms – but please tell me what BW/LTCD stands for? I was at the Card game, and much props to Brock Domann for his performance coming in and out for a play here and there. And yes, a similar hit by a Card defender on the Pitt Qb was called roughing. But that was a prayer answered by Tyler Hudson with an incredible catch. I can understand choosing to see Jeff Beck, but I am afraid to ask what Johnny Depp was even there for, and why does he headline over Jeff Beck?

  4. Ok. Brad Pitt, arm Pitt, tar Pitt, snake Pitt, and whatever Pitt you chose to employ. But Cards beat Pitt is sufficient. Fabulous D but what unimaginative coach is calling the offense? Whew, it hurts to watch.

    1. I agree with you Dough about the play calling, who wouldn’t? But must give props where due and that double pass back to Malik was a great call.

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