Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XI

Upon double checking last weekend’s results, this tally does appear to be correct.

UCan won yet again, this victory over UMess. Tulane’s Green Wave continue their surge. Kentucky showed Mizzou. Georgia, as anybody with any sense should have known would happen, manhandled Rocky Top.

And the University of Louisville Cardinals won their fourth straight, with a dispatch of L’il Jimmy Madison.

Pass the Dolly Cakes, s’il vous plait.

Double checking what was written in this space last week, as if that was really necessary, your inveterate Pope of Predicticators proved yet again why he remains the Pontiff of Perfecto Prognosteration.

Because all those results were anticipated and reported in advance.

5-0 for the weekend = 35-21 for the campaign.

It’s good to be King.

This weekend’s winners:

Wabash @ DePauw. Under normal circumstances the story here would be about two league foes knotted atop conference standings with the title hanging in the balance on the final weekend of the year. Then again, this one’s for the most hallowed trophy in all of college pigskin, the Monon Bell. All three hundred pounds avoirdupois of it. These two Hoosierland rivals have been contesting since 1890 when they tussled at Philistine Field in Crawfordsville. The Tigers and Little Giants battle for the 128th occasion Saturday. So fierce is this skirmish that the North Coast Athletic Conference crown is but a peripheral consideration. Wabash tuned up with a 49-25 W over Kenyon. While DePauw was shellacking Oberlin, 72-0. That this game will be fought on the Greencastle gridiron of Blackstock Stadium, the edge goes to the homies.

Texas Christian @ Texas. All the Horned Frogs have done so far is, you know, win all their games. While displaying serious grit and intestinal fortitude in many of them by coming from behind in the 4th Q for victory. For which gutsiness, TCU’s gang continues to be generally misunderestimated, even while landing a spot, perhaps temporarily, in the Final Four table. “Is Texas back?” has become one of college football’s annual clichés. Since Darrel Royal stepped down. OK, the slide of Mack Brown, I guess. But it’s been a long time. That’s the point. Is this the week Texas answers with a big Horns Up? Or, Sonny Dykes does another victorious post game interview? Skeptical as I remain, I’m going with the former. Burnt Orange over Purple.

North Carolina @ Wake Forest. The Demon Deacons were cruising along until just a couple of weeks ago. During the second half of their encounter that weekend, heralded QB Sam Hartman got a little taste of something we like to call in my neck of the woods, a Full Monty Momo YaYa. WF has not recovered. Meanwhile the aforementioned Mack Brown’s Baby Blues have visions of the Final Four, as faint as they really might be. Those Tar Heels fantasies shall not be dislodged this weekend in Winston Salem.

Vanderbilt @ Kentucky. In his rookie season, Commodore coach Clark Lea saw his charges go 2-10. After which he declared his intentions to make Vanderbilt the Best Program in College Football. That victory total was surpassed by one in Week IV. Elon that ye skeptics. Then came real competition in the League Where They Care More. Reality check, the West Enders have thrown up an ofer. The Cats have been out of kilter of late. It took an odd call on a punt play late to overcome Mizzou. It shall be significantly easier to win this week for the Big Blue.

Louisville @ Clemson. This annual skirmish between ACC Division rivals has traditionally been the exception to your prognosticator’s rule that he always picks the Cardinals. OK, Alabama was too, but that was a one and season done thang. Since that fateful moment when a U of L receiver Quickly zagged out instead of zigging in, every year’s been Death Valley for the Cards against the Dabos. Such that said dominance has been sadly respected here. But, kids, here’s the deal. Seedy K is hooked on a feeling. Has a hunch. Conjures a scenario where upon this Is The Year. DJ Ooauglyohyeayea, Cade Klooobdnick — as if their names really need to be made fun of — get ready for THIS. Cards come with the Full Momo YaYa and prevail. Book it Danno.

— c d kaplan

5 thoughts on “Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XI

  1. “Kentucky showed Mizzou” is the line of the year. That said, whether it’s MoMo YaYa or YoYo Ma, the Cards may make it interesting in Death Valley but not that interesting. And I gotta admire your pluck picking against the #4 team in the country.

  2. Who is more off base here? You or Smart Guy?

    First, “Clempson” is no longer #4 this year and never were that good. They were obviously resting on their laurels of seasons gone by. That is not to say that the Cards will go into the Esso and clean up—even if we are up for the V the ACC refs might well have a say in preventing that outcome (as usual)—as unlikely as it may be. But, the Cards are due in this series and should have/could have won 3 of the seven matchups—including last year when we had it first and goal at the 2 and forgot that the goal was to score by going forward and not running laterally and going out of bounds. That seems to happen often to us in this series…right James?

    With that said, your faux pas(s) in this weeks prognostication are glaring. I sense that you have undertaken another of your “I can’t lose” propositions—just like you did when you—and you alone— would determine if you won the game(s) if the respective QB’s of your Wildcats and Bama played “significant” minutes—whatever that standard might be.

    First, can you define for me what you mean when you say that all TCU has done so far this season is to “will” all their games? Are you saying that TCU is the only team that has will to win all their games? Is that a good thing or bad thing? Is that why you are picking the ‘horns—because that don’t “will” all their games?

    Next, the fact that you have chosen the Wabash vs. “DePaw” contest is telling. I can’t find a game this week between those two teams—-although Wabash is scheduled to play “DePauw” University (not “DePaul” in Chi-town or “DePaw”) Does that mean if the Giants win that it was a “no contest”?

    Last, you claim in the heading that the game is “Depaw @ Wabash” then you pick the “homies” while stating that the game is being played in Greencastle—which just to happens to be where “Depaw” is located—so. I guess you picked “DePaw” right? Wrong?

    So, I guess you got that one covered both ways, right?

    (And, btw, I know of what I speak as I got my pocket picked in Greencastle once while attending the rivalry game at Blackstock and I have pulled against the “DePaw” Tigers ever since—even before I knew that Dangerous Dan Quail matriculated at that fine institution of higher learning. Moreover, you bypassed the entire flavor of the game that has made it such a heated rivalry. While barely a 30 minute drive apart, Wabash is an all male school. “DePaw” is co-ed. Where do you think the all male Giant student body spends every weekend? Hint, it ain’t in Crawfordsville…no wonder the footballers at “DePaw” hate the Wabash boys with such ferver.)

    Sorry to be so long winded, but this is a huge rivalry—even though I hope you picked the wrong side—as you usually do…or did you????

    1. Quite simply, Red’s reply to the latest effort by Mr. Seedy will forever be recognized as one the greatest takedowns in the history of sports journalism. I stand in absolute awe. As an admitted college freak who gets his kicks seeking out campuses for appraisal, I now have a new one to add to my list. DePaw.

  3. Only 1 gimme this week, and 1 unknown. But I will go against you in all 3 of the others. TCU +7 to cover again. I know you don’t do spreads so I will take them straight up. Sorry I have no local context for the big Wabash-Depauw game this year, as Depauw RB Demarco Henry graduated in 2020. He is the brother of hooper Aaron Henry, both born in the Ville but grew up in Indy.

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