U of L CardFile: Appalachian State

My heart aches.

U of L 60, App State 61.

A few observations.

Very few.

Very quick(ly).

Louisville showed heart.

They did not quit after looking horrid in the 1st, outscoring the victors by 12 in the 2d.

Kenny Payne, forced to do so because of Jae’Lyn Withers foul trouble, did adjust in the 2d, playing Hercy Miller, moving El Ellis to the 2.

Still . . .

Turnovers: Cards 18, Mountaineers 7.

Points Off Turnovers: Cards 6, Mountaineers 20.

Point in Paint: Cards 18, Mountaineers 34.

Three missed FTs late. Two on the front end of 1+1.

Waited way too long to commit foul when App State had possession, up a penny with :24 to play.

First 0-3 start to season since year after ’86 title.

First three one-point Ls in a row, since . . . feel free to look it up.

My heart aches.

— c d kaplan


6 thoughts on “U of L CardFile: Appalachian State

  1. Why they don’t throw ball into Curry I do not understand- instead settle for wild looking 3’s?????. They finally did last year & he was the leading scorer!!

  2. Thank you David Grissom and your minions. Yes, hard work was required to get the athletic department and the University back on the ethical track but the choice of using a tactical “nuclear
    weapon” as the solution was as ill concieved as entertaining recruits with paid “strippers. You have set back Louisville basketball and a proud City to the point where life support is all that is available. We the fans, the coaches and players built a nationally recognized program over the last 70 years only to see it torn asunder.
    Seriously, I hope we elderly fans have enough reserve to once again to “sing in the sunshine and laugh every day”.
    I feel your pain, Seedy.

  3. I am not giving up on KP as head coach. Yet we have been defeated at home by 3 teams that have little if any talent compared to the top 100 players that dot our roster. Even in the recent Ted Mack Amateur Hour era we win all three by at least double digits—and don’t even mention the loss to Lenoir R.

    I am NOT saying it is all coaches fault, but we are seriously punching well below our weight class. We play with little urgency until we are facing the abyss and the one time we had a small lead at the end of the game we couldn’t hold it. Time outs are there for a reason—even if it is to rest your only guard who plays 39-40 minutes a game. If I was getting paid $3.5 M…or /yerar or a mere $9600 per day, I might try to craft the way to win a game or two and not just pass the ball around each side of the perimeter or get paint touches. Last I saw, they don’t award points for either of those achievements.

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