Seedy K’s GameCap: NC State

Before a recent game, long time AP beat writer Ed Peak threw out the kind of question long time fans have been arguing about forever at sports bars around the globe.

You know the kind, argued over mead and forest slaughter, “Who ya got, the Romans or the Huns in a rematch?”

The query presented: “Who was the worst U of L football coach of our lifetime? Cooper? Kragthorpe? TW Alley? Petrino II?”

Tough call, there.

But the point here is the fellow whose name never entered the discussion.

Yesterday while cherishing the Cardinals’ fifth W in their last six, Smart Guy wondered sarcastically, “Do you think Satt’s off the hot seat?”

Your scribe replied he never thought SS was really sitting on one.

Which is to underscore there was a turn of fortunes for this edition of U of L Football after the dismal L in Chestnut Hills.

Whatever happened — systematic tweaks, personnel switches, psychological motivation — it worked. Bigly. More bigly than Morgan & Morgan.

There’s an applicable descriptor for the phenomenon.


Kudos to Scott Satterfield and Bryan Brown. You fellas turned this season around. Despite debilitating injuries, including those to your major dude.

 * * * * *

In his post game comments after NC State was sent packing, Satt said, “I knew it was going to be a blue collar type of game. I wasn’t sure anybody was going to score.”

Wise words, those.

And it was an odd one. A grinder in a way. A few stand out moments. But no real thematic elements for someone writing about it to hang on to.

So what follows is a smidge scattershot. In an order that probably makes no sense.

 * * * * *

When the victorious 7-4 Louisville Cardinals got the ball with 2:14 to play in the 3d, their ten point halftime advantage had been cut to three.

Part of the problem was they’d garnered but a single yard rushing since the break, after rambling for a reasonably robust 97 in the opening half (against but 42 for the Wolfpack).

At which juncture, after a rush for no gain followed by a 15 yard advancement on a pass interference call, Jawhar Jordan broke loose on a 34 yard scamper to the State 30.

Though it lead to only a FG and a still surmountable six point lead, it provided a modicum of invigoration.

Given that Bryan Brown’s not so long ago derided defense was once again up to the task, controlling the game from then on. The Top 25 visitors did not score again.

Jordan’s run was certainly not a “turning point,” as hope inducing at the moment as it was.

 * * * * *

What was not the play of the game, but certainly BW/LTCD’s favorite was Mark Vassett’s half a length of the field punt at the end of U of L’s first drive in the 3d.

Rugby style.

Line drive.

From the Brooklyn Side. (It’s a bowling term, look it up.)

OK, an explanation, put down your glossary. It was left footed. MV must have been getting in touch with his “Wrong Foot” Lou Campi.

The punt pinned State deep in its own end. But, sigh, five chunk plays and 2:34 later, the Wolfpack got to paydirt . . . for the last time.

So it too wasn’t the most important play of the victory.

 * * * * *

What was the game assuring interlude — if not turning point — started with the end of State’s fourth drive after intermission.

U of L survived after an arguably questionable spot and surviving a measurement on a State third & 2 with 12:56 to play. On fourth & 1/2 at its own 45, the defeated received a lethal dose of MoMo.

Cardinal Full Stop.™ Cards take over.

Then, after a nifty third down conversion — Brock Domann to Tyler Hudson — Jordan took it in for a sigh of relief 22-10 lead.

 * * * * *

OK, this one got the red blood flowing.

Jawhar Jordan’s Big Moment.

It coming on the change of possession after the battle was knotted at 3-3. Colin Smith’s kickoff didn’t make it to the end zone. The pigskin, as it is wont to do, bounced about willy nilly when the Cards’ favorite Syracuse transfer didn’t field it cleanly. He circled back to the two, finally grabbing the handle with several frothing at the mouth Wolves nearby in rabid pursuit.

Ah, but, ball secured, a Red Sea parting the way, Jordan took it 98 to the house.

Giving the Cards a 10-3 lead they never relinquished.

 * * * * *

Let’s be honest.

It was not a scintillating affair.

Understandable given how many injuries each shorthanded squad was forced to cope with.

U of L’s normally full running stable was depleted.

M Cunningham a DNP. Same status for State’s star QB Devin Leary.

But . . . Brock Domann was a stable game manager. More effective than the Wolfpack’s signal calling by committee.

 * * * * *

More significantly Bryan Brown’s Cardinal Defense. On a frozen tundra November kind of day.

Five sacks and six hurries.

Jarvis Brownlee and Monty Montgomery were in on double figure tackles.

Gillotte, Diaby, Abdullah and Sanogo did their now customary thang.

The whole MoMo, YaYa, Yasir, Ashton, Monty complete lack of deference for the other team’s offense.

 * * * * *

Next: The Wildcats.

— c d kaplan

3 thoughts on “Seedy K’s GameCap: NC State

  1. amazed the announcers said nothing about the great block delivered by , i think #43 that opened the path for Jordan’s runback score.

  2. This season has been salvaged by the defensive UNIT. After the abysmal start, this UNIT may deliver a “happy ending” to the season. I use the word may, the Cards do have a shot-after all they did shut down the ACC’s second all time passer for touchdowns, but the Cards ain’t playing at home as they did against Wake nor did Wake have a Levis, a Rodriguez, a Smoke, a WR who is LIGHTNING quick nor campaign in football wars led by Atilla the Hun.
    Card fans, “this could heaven or this could be hell”.

  3. I have to admit I was wavering a little on Satt’s future after the BC debacle but I noted that the team never quit on the coaching staff, supporting each other after plays and competed with enthusiasm. I knew that was a good sign

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