Seedy K’s Observations: Arkansas

There is not enough kumbaya to sugarcoat what is happening with University of Louisville Men’s Basketball.

This already is and will continue to be a bad season.

A really bad season.

A historically bad season.

Your BW/LTCD wishes it wasn’t so, wishes he didn’t care so much.

And certainly would love not to be contractually bound to weighing in here.

Wishes he could truly believe in his heart of the U of L Cards, “It’s Only A Game.”

Longs for the days when getting to experience games three days in a row was one of Naismithius’ great blessings.


This is the life he’s chosen.

 * * * * *

He is dismayed.

As realistic as he was about this squad and new staff’s minimal potential for this season, he along with all who care have been blindsided.

That’s the acid reality.

 * * * * *

Were there any positives in Monday’s seriously difficult to watch and most difficult to discuss 26 point loss to Arkansas?


Kamari Lands.

One hundred thirty six minutes and fifteen seconds into the season, the freshman with promise hit his first FG. A long deuce.

He morphed immediately into a different, more confidant player on the offensive end.

On his next touch, he drilled a triple. On his next touch, he drove hard and with determination to the hoop. He got fouled. He netted both charity tosses. He was U of L’s leading scorer.

He was also, and likely as a result, more focused at the defensive end of the floor.

That development was an incremental change for the good.

JJ Traynor, slight but fearless, continues to play aggressively.

Mike James was also more go-for-it than he has been in previous games. But to no effect . . . yet.

 * * * * *

The many flaws of the situation, well chronicled without the need for rehashing, have not abated. They have been capitalized, put in bold font and underlined with exclamation points added.

U of L plays one of the country’s great defensive teams Texas Tech on Tuesday.

Then, more than likely Wednesday, another ofer Hawai’i school from the other side of the bracket.

Flying home from Maui 0-6 is a probable.

Then come resurgent Maryland, highly touted Miami, a similarly struggling Florida State squad in Tallahassee, and a ready-like-Bellarmine band of Hilltoppers.

Meaning 0-10 is plausible before possible respite against Florida A&M and Lipscomb.

 * * * * *

Kenny Payne’s Job #1 now is holding these kids together.

Perspective by all who care is hoped for.

— c d kaplan

5 thoughts on “Seedy K’s Observations: Arkansas

  1. YUP
    AS feared, shut down Ellis and cringe at the possibilities. Twas only tonight I became aware of the Cards coaching staff while thinking if any of them was much good they would be head coaches elsewhere.

  2. Seems many forget that we had a sex scandal that caused probation and a black eye followed by an FBI probe in a pay for play scandal and a coaching change from a HOF coach to a coach with a bull up and pack it in philosophy, followed by another extortion case and 2 years of COVID, followed by a coaching suspension and subsequent firing mid season, followed by a new coaching hire and half the team we had leaving. And we expect KP to fix it in a few months and 5 games? As a Hoya alum, I can honestly say with all the bad we went through—and still are—I NEVER saw this amount of rancor and impatience on G’town fan boards.

  3. Destroya, that may be because despite a few good years, G’town does not have the historic chops that our beloved Cards have established through the decades. At least since Peck was here, if you played the Cards you knew you were in a game. Now…not so much…

    I am NOT saying that the jury is back in the box, but I have seen nothing yet that indicates that this band of birds can do anything more than be bottom feeders. I have it on pretty good authority however, that the foreman is going to come back and pronounce “GUILTY” on all charges.

    Still, I cannot believe that this group can really be this bad!

    Yesterday, I felt like I was watching a the JV’s from Collegiate play the Celtics. WE NEVER HAD A CHANCE!

    ….andhat’s not a good thing….

  4. I started watching midway through the second half. Ugly and unwatchable. But I did wonder how in the world this team managed to be within 8 points of Arkansas that far into the game?

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