4 thoughts on “Seedy K’s Game Cap: Texas Tech

  1. I remember the first game in Freedom Hall under Coach Pitino. We totally overwhelmed somebody by 40+ as I recall. With exception of Reece Gaines, we were a bunch of nobodies. Deflections, relentless pressure, it was a new day. UL basketball was a reflection of its new coach. Great things on the horizon!
    Coming into this season, there were known issues, particularly at point guard. But I have seen many UL teams over the past 50 years with less talent compete. I thought this bunch would be a reflection of a new day. Coach KP would improve the skills of our bigs, Curry, Wheeler, Withers, the new kid from UT, That was his reputation. Coaching bigs.
    At this point. I’ve seen nothing to give me any hope. I just witnessed the worst game I’ve seen a UL team play in 50 years.
    I’m searching for positives. Being a negative skeptic is not who I am. I’m concerned.

  2. Yes, emotional paralysis has set in for us all. I have listened to or watched UL basketball for 70 years and I have never witnessed anything of this nature. They don’t get it, they don’t want to get it or it is not being effectively given to them.
    Reminds me so much of the anxiety generated by Kraigthorp and Petrino 2.0. It is awful. With a bench of coaches who were all winners, where is the motivation to learn, win and generate self esteem? Something just ain’t right!

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