Seedy K’s GameCap: Maryland

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

One might have hoped, actually one who cares deeply about U of L hoops would have expected, after three truly horrid beatdowns in Maui, that there might have been some tweaks in store in the interleague challenge against Maryland.

But, uh, no.

Same story, different foe.

I hit the keyboard with 14:00 to play.

Terps 57. Cards 35.

It’s now 69-39 at the penultimate TV timeout.

I mean, you tell me, what’s a guy supposed extricate from this dumpster fire?

At the same timeout in the 1st, the Cards had committed 6 turnovers leading to 11 Maryland points. Those numbers now read 12 TO > 19 Terp points.

The Cardinals were down 26-37 at the break.

They turned it over on their first possession.

The Terrapins hit four treys on their first four possessions on four shots. Then another on their sixth possession.

32-52 at the 16:32 mark.

 * * * * *

There’s now 5:52 to go and U of L is down 33 at 40-73.

Something might change if something changes.

Until then I really have nothing else to say.

 * * * * *

Yeah, this reads like a real time blog. Because, hmm, that’s what I’m doing while awaiting the final buzzer, so I can hit post.

Something has changed.

Kenny Payne has the following on the floor: Roosevelt Wheeler, Fabio Basili, Payne the Younger, Hercy Miller and Devin Ree. Ree and Basili have each netted a trey and have 5 each.

 * * * * *

The Pinetimers showed some heart, and, is if fair to say, some promise.

Louisville 54, Maryland 79.

No apologies for the disjointed nature of this.

You try to sit down and write about the love of your life self destructing game after game before your eyes.

–c d kaplan

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  1. Drinking from a dry well never satisfies. This well is dry. I shamefully admit that with 14 58 left in the second half I extricated myself from my Yum Center seat. First time in Dough’s Cardinal Bball history. Repeat, first time in 71 years. Why does one want to watch their beloved team be humiliated? I don’t.

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