Seedy K’s Saturday: All Cardinals All Day

Now don’t be sad/ Cause two out of three ain’t bad/

Now don’t be sad, cause two out of three ain’t bad.

Louisville 24, Cincinnati 7.

You say Fenway, I say Feng Shui.

Because it not only sounds the same as the stadium site . . .  sorta . . . but Professor Wiki advises that it “sometimes called Chinese geomancy, is an ancient Chinese traditional practice which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.”

Which is how the U of L Cardinal footballers handled the fabled ballyard surroundings where the Wasabi battle was contested under the gaze of the Big Green Monster.

And opened a big day of Cardinal sports with dominant 24-7 W over Keg o’ Nails rival Cincinnati, to finish the football campaign on the proverbial high note with an 8-5 record, and a New Era awaiting.

Plenty of heroes for the pigskin victors, but it says here you gotta start with wacky Mark Ivey and the Cardinal D.

Head butt dat, Cincy.

Not sure what percentage of the time Ivey called for the blitz, but it was a lot.

Call them Cardinals, Red Dogs for the Day. Rabid ones at that.

Seven sacks, 10 TFLs in total for -69 yards. Two fumbles caused and recovered.

Total discombobulation for the Bearcats come Pussycats, who were only 3/14 on 3d and 4th down conversion attempts.

Evan Prater passed for but 83 yards with only 7 completions. His runners added only 55 more.

Makeshift D Gameplan? Yeah, but No Problem.

On the other side of the ball, the Cards crushed the rush. 287 yards.

The O Line opened gaps. Lots of gaps. Lots of big gaps.

Jawhar Jordan toted it through for 115 yards and two highlight reel TD scampers.

Maurice Turner bulldozed for 160 net yards.

After a shaky start, Brock Domann settled in, finishing 10/18 with a nifty strike to Marshon Ford for six.

Jaelin Carter had three catches coming in the game. He doubled that on the day.

Credit to Deion Branch and his scotchtaped staff, and to the resilient U of L pigskinners for a boffo finale to their comeback campaign.

 * * * * *

Louisville 61, Florida A&M 55.

A win is a win is a win.

Which is not to be discounted in what has been a seriously disappointing season so far for Louisville’s male hoopsters.

But that’s about all you can say about it.

The Rattlers started 1/15 from the field.

Yet the Cards lead was only 22-20 at the break, because they surrendered 14 points on 12 giveaways.

U of L tallied on its first five possessions of the 2d.

But the slightly more inept visitors were still able to knot it up at 34. Some pressure D allowed Louisville to forge ahead, and hold A&M at bay. Barely.

It remained a game in balance with a minute to play. Geesh.

U of L held on.

Major credit to Svelter Syd Curry.

Having lost about 10 pounds in the last ten days, his game now looks like it did at the end of last season.

Strong. Assertive. A reason for hope.

13 points. 19 rebounds. Righteous.

He pilfered a couple ORBs on errant Card FTs late.

That and just enough help from his mates were enough to survive, despite giving up 21 points on an unfathomable 22 turnovers.

 * * * * *

Texas 3, Louisville 0 (25-22, 25-14, 26-24).

A number of readers have inquired in recent days, why I haven’t reported in on U of L’s national runner-up volleyball team?

A very simple reason.

I do not understand the nuances, even some basics of the game sufficiently to report on it. How plays are fashioned? Who has to stand where? The whole Libero thing.

I understand the game at this level is way more sophisticated than just smashing the ball over the net where they ain’t. That the technique of these great athletes is top level.

So, I can’t give you much.

The Cardinals who were able to break Oregon and Pitt in 5th set beatdowns fell on Saturday night to what appeared to these unknowing eyes as a better Texas Longhorn squad.

After dropping the opening two sets, the Cards had two set points in the 3d to extend the match. But couldn’t close, conceding four straight Longhorn title-securing points.

Texas was better Saturday night.

 * * * * *

There are times when you just have to acknowledge the wisdom of Mr. Loaf.

2 of 3 ain’t bad.

Even if it’s the big one that gets away.

— c d kaplan




3 thoughts on “Seedy K’s Saturday: All Cardinals All Day

  1. How do you do with out the 4 Amigos: Sanogo, Montgomery, and them, ah, other two, you know who I am writing about. Incredible D and defensive play calling. More important was their mental frame of mind: “damm the torpedos-full steam ahead”. I suspect Super Bowl MVP and the object of affec tion of a “goat” named Brady had a lot to do with that.
    Now, with respect to them round ballers- notwithstanding 22 TOs and a team wide basketball IQ deficiency, there IS progress. They are playing like they care, they are playing with a discovered energy and a realization that a W may feel better than a L. I nevertheless realize against tier 1 competition this year Bleak Street is the path they shall walk.
    Volleyball, well, we were beat by a better team and better they will be when, Eggleston, the national player of the year brings her A++ game.

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